Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Bye, Bye, NAFTA.

It's been ratified by Mexico and signed into law by Trump. Meanwhile, Trudeau has re-introduced his CUSMA implementation bill in the Commons.

As a result, NAFTA is dead as of yesterday. CUSMA will run for the next six years, at minimum.

Got to give credit where credit is due: that means Freeland.

Now comes the fun part as we hold our breath just in case Trump has his next trade fit and brings back steel and aluminium tariffs against Canada. Remember who predicted their return after CUSMA comes into effect? Yours truly.

Monday, 27 January 2020

What Rempel Garner Forgot.

Just think back to a guy called Stephen Harper. Remember his French when he became Alliance leader? But Harper had something known as guts -- he felt it was somewhat inappropriate for a party leader seeking to serve as his country's prime minister not to be able to converse, at least reasonably fluently, in French. That's why Harper put in the EFFORT and went out of his way to start every microphone appearance in French. Harper got it, today's leadership candidates, not so much.

Sure, MRG makes a strong point when she says that lots of good people don't end up having a political career in Ottawa because they aren't bilingual. True. But it's one thing to get into politics as a unilingual person and learn as you go. It's quite another to become a career politician and not give a shit. The latter can competently serve in government, or in cabinet, but as we say over here: c'est pas fort.

Remember, this is 2020. So, before you unilinguals get your heart set on a federal political career, at least have the common decency to commit yourselves to make the effort -- like Harper did. You don't need to become absolutely fluent but for Christ's sake, don't deliberately come off as too lazy to even make an effort.

In Quebec, almost all of our politicians get off their ass and learn English. How about all of you, with regard to speaking French?

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Christy Clark?

MRG says she spoke with Harper and it's not on. Now, the latest speculation has switched to CC. Also, some buzz that MRG herself is seriously considering it.

Clark would be an interesting addition to the race but she does come with risks --  √† la political party financing. Clark has to seriously weigh that, as Charest did.

So, there are some natural political advantages to never having served as premier! MacKay must really appreciate that.

MRG would bring a spark to this race, provided she could resist going full-blown-preachy, a quality most recently resented, coming out of Scheer's mouth and before him, Harper. Ditto for Trudeau on the other side.

Right now, my candidate (MacKay) is off to a fine start. The Stellarton launch had great visuals and the speech was not only thoughtful but with a strong emphasis on party and national unity. MacKay's is a vision of a grand coalition of equals, across Canadian society. That's a message that will likely resonate and find wide appreciation in every part of Canada. Good on Peter.

Thursday, 23 January 2020


Wow, didn't expect this at all. The CPC leadership race is playing out totally differently than many of us foresaw. Glad that MacKay got in early. But who would have thought this: not only no Charest, but no Ambrose and no Poilièvre. A shocker, to be sure.

Let's wait to see what O'Toole does. What about Rempel Garner and Bergen? Any other frontbench possibilities? Maybe, just maybe, someone no one saw coming.

In any event, MacKay won't take anything for granted. He's intent on winning but more importantly, earning the win.

Can't say that I'm complaining. 

Saturday, 18 January 2020

The Latest SPEC!

Before I opted to go with MacKay, I had a thought in passing: what about Harper, will he get in hoping to turn the tables on Trudeau?

A few days later came the Harper resignation and supposed gunning for Charest.

Been on the phone this weekend and two people said they think Harper might get in!

Are all three of us simply delusional or is there something to it?

Great fun but no matter what happens, I'm sticking with MacKay.

UPDATE: Rempel Garner says Harper said he isn't running.

Friday, 17 January 2020

What The Hell Are They Waiting For?

Look, if you're a serious person aspiring to lead the CPC -- and perhaps the country, why would you leave the membership in a perpetual state of is she, or is he, getting in????

Just ridiculous. How many top organisers and strategists are on hold waiting for either Ambrose or Charest?

Seems to me that once MacKay (My candidate) announced, the days following quickly became put up or shut up reality.

It's not fair to the membership to leave a dicking around impression. So, get it over with either way quickly, cause this interminable wait is beyond a bad joke. We're not crowning a monarch. We're looking for a solid leader.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

CPC Leadership: Peter MacKay.

Why MacKay?

To begin, Peter has already served as a party leader. He, like the rest of us, isn't perfect but I've always thought he did a pretty good job.

MacKay is by nature a person who's non-polarising. He searches for consensus and works towards grand coalitions in politics.  I can think back to the first CPC convention in Montreal, where Peter was able to breech differences between former Alliance and PCP members.

MacKay also served with distinction in any number of federal portfolios in Harper's government. Peter is a quick study and remains on top of both national and international issues. Ask MacKay about anything and you'll likely get a credible answer. Put another way, Peter is ready for the big job on Day One.

Finally, MacKay, though less of a Red Tory than yours truly, Peter is nonetheless the perfect bridge between Red and Blue Tories, having a natural affinity with both camps in the party. He also respects everyone's opinion, whether it's firmly held by Social Conservative, Libertarian or anyone else.

In short, I see my view of the world in Peter MacKay and that's why I'm supporting him.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Charest: Not In This Lifetime.

Charest. Might as well already forget it. Sure, he's got Wall but that's about it. Charest's is a Quebec-centric operation supported by all the usual, familiar, suspects.

In short, it's Belinda without the money. Quebec CPCs are seriously deluded if they think he can win -- cause he can't.

Harper is said to be opposed right down to the cellular level. The good ship Charest is a collection of Red Tories in search of their former party -- which won't ever exist again.

Another big neg is the alleged blessing from on high from Mulroney & Company. That's a killer in western circles, to be sure.

The Alliance plurality can't stomach Mulroney or anyone else in his mould.

Thems the cold, hard, facts, ma'am. So Charest better brace himself for defeat cause it's coming. The Alliance will see to that.

Saturday, 11 January 2020


Dear Rona,

A lot in life is about regrets -- for things done and roads not taken. You don't want to find yourself kicking yourself emotionally for not doing something you're already the most qualified for.

This is your encounter with personal destiny. You are the chosen one for the job, period. You have hands-on experience and actually enjoyed it last time.

It's not about the most comfortable private life. It's not about ideal personal relationships. It's not about money.

It's only about hearing your country's call and being willing to step up. It's Elizabethan in nature. Duty is calling.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Ambrose: The Time Is Now.

Look, if you're getting in, be quick about it. Lots prefer you but they are seriously eyeing other candidates, especially favourite sons like Charest.

Rona is seen as the best bet to clean Trudeau's clock but patience is starting to wear thin.

To be perfectly blunt: remember what happened in Quebec with Belinda? Well, that's what's coming in Quebec, in favour of Charest, if you don't hoist your banner mighty soon...

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

World War III, Here We Come...

Iran just hit two Iraqi bases. Initial reports suggest deliberate Iranian intent not to cause casualties.

Everyone and his brother is urging deescalation on Trump.

Not a chance. Trump has delayed his national address until tomorrow. My prediction: when he hits the airwaves, a massive American retaliatory strike will already be underway.

This is like the domino mobilisations of WW I. We ain't seen nothing yet.

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Senate Impeachment Witnesses?

There were no live witnesses when Clinton was put on trial. Lucky for him.

Meanwhile, Pelosi is undermining her case by delaying due process, refusing to send over the Impeachment Articles. A huge strategic mistake! Why? Quite simply, because the White House will continue to block testimony by Mulvaney, Bolton, Duffey, Blair, etc. But what about Giuliani? In short, Trump sticks to Executive Privilege, even with McConnell in charge. That's the sad reality, the real deal, where Democrats not only get no conviction but also no testimony at trial.

Sure, Murkowski, Collins and Romney would likely go for witnesses but probably not Sasse. Might as well already kiss them off.

Saturday, 4 January 2020

I'm Gone - I'm Back.

They say that enquiring minds want to know, so okey dokey: I'd say it's a pretty safe bet to suggest that most Liberals are no doubt thrilled that I've gone, while almost all Conservatives are beyond unenthusiastic that I'm back!

In any event, I took out a five-year CPC membership -- the real challenge will be to see if I actually last that long. LOL.

And for those of you who haven't yawned yet, I'll be supporting Ambrose for leader, if Rona is so inclined.

Never thought in a million years I'd once again take the CPC plunge, but that piece of shit working in Trudeau's PMO sealed the deal.