Saturday, 31 October 2020


Fact. The United States has been since the end of World War II the greatest nation on the face of the Earth. It also has traditionally been the greatest force for good on this planet. And yes, that not only happened under Democratic but also Republican Administrations and a bipartisan Congress.

So, don't believe President Donald J. Trump and his bullshit machine. The United States is right now far, far, far, greatest than Trump could ever hope to be. Trump's talk is a political con-artist's talk. Period.

Look around you -- see if you're suffering and keep an eye on all the others who have lost homes, jobs, cars and most especially lives during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Then judge Trump on how he handled the economy -- not the stock market -- where are the jobs that Trump was supposed to help create over the last four years? Why are so many people dead or dying because of COVID-19 under his watch?

Why did Trump promise as a candidate to reign in The Fed and the trillions in funny money that Trump let them dole out to corporations who either continued laying off or firing people while paying their top executives bonuses, stock options or buying back company stock in the market to make THEMSELVES richer which most of the American people became poorer and poorer as the middle-class got destroyed economically. That's Trump's true legacy: crumbs for the middle-class and the poor while Trump caters to the individual and corporate interests of the millionaire and billionaire class. Typical Donald J. Trump. The funny part is that any American is surprised after four years of Trump in office.

So, to my American friends and acquaintances I say: VOTE. Send a message. Remember that the United States is still as great as ever and the best is yet to come. That's why God gave America a special responsibility to serve as a worldwide force for the common good, peace, economic prosperity and geopolitical stability.

So, please, please, please, vote. Thank you.

Saturday, 24 October 2020

First Higgs, Now Horgan.

Two elections, two majority governments. Trudeau must be so disappointed that the combined opposition did not bring his government down in the House, or maybe not?

After all, most of us said the Liberals actually wanted an election -- though Trudeau publicly denied that.

I still think the Trudeau Liberals lose next time. This Prime Minister is like Trump -- suffering from a serial scandal overdose -- he's not like Higgs and Horgan who are relatively scandal free.

So by all means Pablo, please, pretty please, engineer your government's own defeat, one way or another and let's take it to the voters!

I'm beyond confident. What about you and the rest of the Liberals? Surely, none of you have cold feet? Well, maybe Telford.

Thursday, 22 October 2020

The Last Debate.

Well, no doubt about it, Trump is a much better liar than Biden. Does that mean he gets re-elected? 

God help the United States if that scumbag gets in again. 

I have to believe that the average American is still an honest and decent person.

That's why Biden MUST win. Please God, make it happen!

Sunday, 18 October 2020

O'Toole Is Way Off The Mark.

So, O'Toole went to a UCP event with Kenney and praised Alberta's less restrictive approach to the health crisis and the maintaining of a more open provincial economy than is apparently the case in Ontario.

Trouble is that right now, Alberta1 has more COVID-19 cases than Ontario and is also behind Ontario as it relates to numbers of people tested.

That means that Ford's approach is not only the right one but it's working. Seemingly, O'Toole is the only federal party leader who doesn't get that.

Not exactly off to a flying public policy start.

1= per 100,000 population

Why I Call Them The Trump Suckers.

I've got to give it to Trump. He's beyond incredibly talented when it comes to pulling off the greatest political con job in American history. No doubt about that. I mean, this idea that he's for the people, for the little guy, when all his actions prove that he's only there to benefit his fellow crony-capitalists. Trillions and billions sent by The Fed to supposedly save companies and jobs. Total lunacy. Here's why: in round one of QE 2020, guess what the companies did with the dough? No, they did not preserve jobs. They did what phoney crooks always do, they bought back shares to increase the company share price and they gave each other executive bonuses with public money. In short, they made themselves even more rich, by leaps and bounds, at the expense of the middle-class and the poor. Meanwhile, Trump is handing out crumbs to the middle-class and poor who have already lost jobs, homes, cars and pretty much everything else.

That's why I call his middle to lower class supporters suckers because he and his minions royally fuck them time and again and they just smile and bend over even more...

It's beyond amazing how gullible some people can be. It defies the imagination when you think about it. Like I said, a great con man -- a faker to quote the late RBG -- a guy who wilfully pretends that the United States is in a super-V while everything around him is going to hell in a handbasket.

Jesus Christ, throw the bastard out. People are suffering beyond belief. Get someone in there who'll put people first, not the monied corporate interests that Trump so loves. Wake up people before it's too late. You're going down the fucking tubes precisely because of Trump and his so-called policies.

Saturday, 17 October 2020

I Could Shit On Trump Six Ways From Sunday.

 And believe me, it would be a pleasure but nah, I'd rather limit myself to this: would God the father, his son and the others in heaven vote for Donald J. Trump? To ask the question is to answer it.

To my American readers, all I can say is please vote. The United States of America needs you now, more than ever. Thank you.

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Why Biden Wins In Almost A Landslide?

Why Biden wins in almost a landslide?

In one sentence: it’s a turn the page on Trump election.

Friday, 9 October 2020

Thank You COVID-19 For Making Trump Batshit Crazy.

Too funny to see Trump scared shitless and desperate to find some way to sideline Biden. Thanks to the experimental cocktails, Trump has gone batshit crazy.

Imagine trying to get your opponent charged and thrown in jail. Ditto for Obama and Hillary.

Even a moron like Trump can see the writing on the wall -- the endgame where Biden wipes the floor with Trump.

It'll almost be a Biden landslide cause so many people want to see Trump gone from political office like yesterday. And Trump bloody well knows it.

To see the panic in his eyes is priceless. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. 

Blow him away politically in the election. Make it so memorable that Trump will never forget. Thanks, Joe.

Monday, 5 October 2020

On His Best Day An Idiot.

What kind of a stupid fuck leaves hospital before he's even remotely on the upswing? What a doofus. And did you get a load of that stupid salute on the balcony? Who does that idiot think he is, Patton? Beyond pathetic.

Of course, no one except him will be even remotely surprised if Mr. Dumb Bell drops dead at The White House...

God and pretty much everyone else won't miss him if the jackass kicks off.

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Trump Got Lucky And Didn't Drop Dead.

Well, it looks like Trump will still be the presidential candidate going into the election. In short, he got lucky, thanks to the experimental treatments that he was given. Without them, he was more than likely a goner. 

Now ask yourselves if this was in any manner, shape, or form, a life-changing event. Nope. No personal introspection as regards his conduct, his White House policy on masks or anything else for that matter. 

Trump remains Trump and won't change one iota going forward. The man is who he is and that's what the country is going to vote on. Love or hate him, it's going to be one hell of an interesting election night. Either he triumphs or it will be the Mother of all political repudiations. My dough is on the latter. 

They say never kick a dog when it's down. Too bad Trump never learned that. In any event, election 2020 is more than likely to be not only a humbling event for Trump but also a humiliating one.

This election is without a doubt a referendum on Donald Trump -- not necessarily on his policies, good, bad or indifferent but a vote on the person, the man.

If that's the case, expect Biden to win the presidency in almost a landslide. The country wanted the professional politicians out of the White House in 2016. Now, even after Trump's COVID-19 illness, most of the nation wants Trump gone as president and they want it to happen yesterday. Period, exclamation point. And it WILL happen because Trump finished off Trump in that poor excuse for a debate. Thanks man, for doing the United States a huge favour.