Saturday, 24 July 2021

Carney Says Thanks But No Thanks.

Guess someone wants to keep a stadium's length between his likely future leadership and TheTrudeauDisasterTM.

That shows incredibly good judgment. Question is, is it Carney's or his advisers? Either way, they could take Telford in a New York minute. No surprise there.

COVID-19 Common Sense No One Can Deny.

First off, when countries return to the green zone that means new cases are at least on a prolonged downtrend or already exceedingly low. So, green zones are good. But they create a false and phoney sense of security -- which immediately leads to reflexive and heartfelt calls for opening up. 

THAT inevitably leads to dropping your guard as an individual: not getting vaccinated, foregoing the second dose, removing masks, stop using hand sanitizers in public places and not respecting social distancing precautions.

THAT leads to inevitable spikes in cases and recurring outbreaks. And with each ending of a lockdown comes new cases that mostly severely affect the health or kill the unvaccinated. Take the United States as an example: who is getting killed off or is ending up health disabled for life? Why Trump Republicans and other Republicans more than any other groups. Those who get lucky end up in the emergency room and as their health increasingly fails, intensive care. If they survive, they are suddenly and magically converted on the road to Damascus...

THAT leads to just one example of a Conservative radio host who was steadfastly against vaccines, got COVID-19, ended up in intensive care and if he makes it, will crusade on radio going forward in favour of vaccination.

THAT leads to this question: why does it take a personal health crisis and near-death experience to convert these people? What's common sense before they get sick, or while they're sick, is still common sense once they're no longer sick.

FINALLY, THAT leads to this: we will never return to normal until COVID-19 is obliterated across the globe. Sure, it originated in a wet market. Sure, it was repeatedly genetically modified in a lab with various types of variants created with a different intensity as to its level of being contagious or leading to morbidity. So, the worst is yet to come when they roll out the variants that will likely kill 80-90% of those people that catch those future variants. COVID-19 has always been and is today a weapon of war.

Every war college across the planet has studied it and learned invaluable lessons in preparation for a potential WWIII. In the old days, we called it germ warfare. Today we call it, for now, a bioweapon induced health pandemic.

So, stay smart, take precautions, recognize that the old normal is years and years away and protect yourself, your families, friends, other loved ones and respect strangers. Vaccines are essential but they are not a panacea -- regrettably, future deadly variants will prove that in the short to medium term. But some protection is far better than no protection when they ultimately appear in the future.

Saturday, 10 July 2021

Why Harper Is Wrong: JCPOA.

I would have thought that Harper had more common sense, not to mention diplomatic acumen but he doesn' see we live in a new world now -- in other words, the goalposts have moved and western diplomatic and multi-national defence strategy must reflect that.

Biden and the others will go absolutely nowhere if their objective is to put it back in Pandora's Box because Iran won't. It's all fun and games for sure what with Israel planting explosives under the centrifuges' marble floors and for the United States and Israel to launch multiple successful cyberattacks but that's only successful to a point, it's call the short-sighted game.

You see, this will end in either of two successful outcomes: first, the West will reluctantly agree to Iran's sovereign right to produce nuclear weapons, which they already are not far off from doing and then the masterstroke: the West will impose its red-line containment strategy where if the Islamic Republic cross that redline, it's automatic hot war with all of the Western powers.

The other strategic option is the balance of the nuclear triangle where if diplomatic efforts are not successful then Iran will develop its weapons and the West will provide Saudi Arabia with same. That will bring us to MAD, a nuclear standoff and security parity. In other words, for it to work we need political sanity to flow again like it did in India and Pakistan. India did not seriously contemplate first-strikes while Pakistan by and large kept the peace. Once Pakistan got its own arsenal, that projected us into a world of a standoff but with a cold-peace and there we remain to this day.

So, listen up Biden and the others: it's either A or B. Trying to go back to the old framework agreement and the good old days is dead. Use your brains going forward. 

Justin Trudeau Parody Posted At

 Justin Trudeau Parody Below:

Hi, my name is Justin Trudeau and I'm your Prime Minister! I've been very good at smiling a lot, being woke, putting myself before the spotlight (always my highest priority) and also like to buy people off with taxpayer's money. I like to pretend that I listen to people's concerns and actually care what you think -- when in reality I only care what I think. 

So, my electoral strategy is to play all of you for saps: you know, pretend that I'm really working in your interests but nah, in reality I feel that people are gullible enough to fall for my act and vote solely based on how much of someone else's money I throw at them. Yeah, just buy them all off and make phoney 9th inning gestures like choosing an aboriginal GG while not ever meeting my full-funding and timetable  commitments on mercury poisoning, clean water, first-rate housing and of course, the biggie: First Nations Self-Government. 

Ha, ha, ha, I can play the lot of you: come on, give me my majority back. After all, I've already earned it just by allowing all of you to have the honour of having me as your Prime Minister.

Thursday, 8 July 2021

JWR To Retire.

What a great human being, what a fine legislator and highly principled individual. She will be sorely missed -- and what a great loss it truly is for Canada.

And to those of you on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere who went negative: ALL OF YOU are loathsome pieces of scum and a waste of human tissue. Go straight to hell you pitiful morons and may each of you die ASAP and rot in hell.

Thank God I decided it was for the best not to get warmed up. And another thing: FUCK OFF YOU ASSHOLES!

Sunday, 4 July 2021

Unmasked Narcissists: The Gift That Will Keep On Giving.

Do I think that we will ultimately see the end of COVID-19? Nope, I don't. My standard boring joke goes like this: call me in five or ten years and we'll still have COVID! Precisely, in my book. You see, if this virus originated in nature and was genetically modified in a lab -- which I've argued from the beginning of this epidemic, then expect both more variants and unexpected virology outcomes. 

I've speculated without a shred of proof that the virus was genetically modified from hundreds to thousands of times with the ultimate aim being clear: to use as an eventual first-strike weapon in the effort to conquer disputed territory. 

Given all of that and that I'm not full of shit, the narcissistic mask-less will continue to spread various variants across the globe and with that continue a seemingly endless spiking cycle. With that in mind, even after the all-clear is given, I plan to remain cautious: if my argument is correct then that inevitably means we will see variants in the future whose main characteristics are that they are deadly first and transmissible second. In other words, they will be the opposite of most if not all variants already known, which are generally highly transmissible but with relatively low death rates.

That brings me to the narcissists who are neither vaccinated nor masked. They couldn't care less if they get infected or whether they transmit a variant to others. They also don't care if they pass it on and the person ultimately dies. So with those mental midgets in the mix that can only mean an inevitable future cycle of spikes and remissions and then spikes again.

And the other thing is whether we can actually reach herd immunity, given the virology of the virus and its variants. My contention is that even if a theoretical level of 70% is reached, in a given country, that we still won't. So, people who are counting on that are living in a world with a false sense of security. Even the United States hasn't gotten anywhere near there...

In short, remain vigilant. Use masks, continue to respect social distancing and avoid crowds. There are no guarantees in life but there are benedictions and being careful remains one of them. Stay alive, not only for yourself but also for those around you who love you.

Saturday, 3 July 2021

CARNEY: Why Kinsella Is The Best.

Mother of God, what a find: Carney At Wimbledon. It ain't war room gold. In fact, it's far better than that: it's war room platinum. Even Michael wasn't anywhere close to being that tone deaf. Kinsella put it out as an ultimate pro: he lets that precious photo speak for itself and it scores all the points needed to win the match.

And the topper: at least Katie and Gerald weren't bona fide members of the upper classes when they got the big payoff in TAXPAYER "moving" expenses. For Christ's sake, the script almost writes itself. How can Carney be that stupid???

Frankly, I'm happier than a pig in shit. Watch the oppo roll out on this one. It'll be memorable. JustVisitingTM took the match when Michael was already in place. This gem may take Carney out politically, even before he takes those all important baby steps.

Finally, Freeland is having a pretty good day.