Friday, 24 June 2022

Roe v. Wade.

This is way beyond historic and incredibly tragic. To think that justices and law makers see themselves as the final arbiters when it comes to a woman's right to carry or not carry a pregnancy to term.

I'm hoping for the mother of all political backlashes but hey, this is the United States so I won't be counting on it.

First, the failure of ERA and now this. So much for equality between men and women, not to mention an implicit right of privacy and individual self-determination.

What a sad and horrible day as the justice system effectively and voluntarily throws itself into utter disrepute.

Thursday, 23 June 2022

WWIII A Coming?

This video is a good listen and watch. They have their perspective and it's an interesting one:

 (2244) World War 3 could be days away if THIS happens in Europe | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris - YouTube

Of course, it's not mine because I'm terminally against bona fide DemonSeedsTM who always start off by murdering their own citizens and dissidents and then inevitably graduate to killing other country's citizens and residents. That's how evil doers get off in war.

Let's see, why does Russia, China, North Korea and Saudi Arabia come so easily to mind? If Putin wants to de-Nazifi, he should start by taking a long, hard look right in the mirror.

CPC: My Ballot.

1. Jean Charest

2. Scott Aitchison

3. Pierre Poilièvre

4. Leslyn Lewis

5. Patrick Brown

6. Roman Baber

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Those Fucking Fascist Truckers Heading To Ottawa.

Look you idiots, Canada is a democracy and as such, elects members of Parliament who represent people until the next election. You don't have to like them, or even vote for them but the fucking Rule of Law is the fucking Rule of Law, period.

So No, you imbeciles, you don't get to decide who's the fucking prime minister and no, you don't get to decide when the Liberals' term in office ends.

No, you fucking fascists à la Mussolini, No! So, go royally fuck yourselves and return under those rocks from which you came.

You're fucking lucky I'm not the fucking prime minister because the moment any of you looked fucking sideways at the law, I'd throw each of your sorry asses in jail for at least a decade. That should cure most of you dopes, unless you're already too far gone.

Jesus H. Christ. Enough is enough.

Sunday, 19 June 2022

Inflation: Why The Past Won't Be Prologue.

Here we go again with recency bias...

FFS, The Federal Reserve can't pause or reverse interest rate hikes the way it did before. Why? Because of galloping inflation which will only surge ahead in even greater fashion, if they stop hikes or relent.

The Fed has to do a full Volcker, otherwise this economy is thoroughly and completely screwed for at least the next decade.

In short, take the bitter pill of The Feds' poison now in full measure or watch our present recession turn into the greatest Depression that humankind has ever experienced. That's reality. Powell has zero maneuvering room and even FOMC idiots belatedly have come to recognize that.

Poilièvre: The Big Picture.

Can Poilièvre go from an anger-based campaign to a measured anger general election and still win? Maybe, but IMHO, probably not. 

A very good leader knows when to change, or at least nuance his approach to leadership. Can, or more importantly, will Pierre do that? We'll find out soon enough. But it DEFINITELY becomes a big and absolute No if the perpetually aggressive and angry Jenni is still driving that campaign. Trudeau must just love Byrne!

Saturday, 18 June 2022

Markets, Economy, Remedies.

If you're looking for the straight goods on YouTube -- without any bullshit, self-promotion or trying to sell you something directly, then these four are your go to guys to get it without an agenda.

1) Greg Mannarino

2) The Maverick of Wall Street

3) Michael Pento

4) Chuck Barone