Friday, 31 December 2021

2022: Reflexions.

Strangely, what's top of mind is sadness at both Prince Philip and Betty White not having made it. Seems so unjust and unfair but that's the world we live in.

Next comes resolutions: in short, Ron, try harder. There is so much that regretfully remains undone and unsaid. If only I had a crystal ball. 

Strive in 2022 to be more authentic, honest and even more human. Take people at face value, not as you would wish them to be.

Remember that one of God's most precious gifts is the emotional power to heal. Do it for yourself and especially so for others.

Meet people half way and build bridges to personal and professional success.

Finally, grow up even more and find the good where you mind only sees the negative -- you came into 21 guarded as hell -- try to start the new year with kindness, warmth and the benefit of the doubt for all those who cross your path.

O'Dowd, suck it up and be a better person than before and thank God for the continued precious gift of life.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, 25 December 2021

BBBA Roulette.

Well, I guess this is what you get when moderates break their word to progressives...remember how both bills were supposed to pass together? Not. Then they ran into the Senate train wreck otherwise known as Manchin. I can't possibly get a better laugh when I hear endless media referring to Manchin as a moderate. Right. The guy is a conservative Democrat and quite frankly, is anyone actually surprised that Manchin killed BBBA?

Now, let's fast forward to the blame game. Put another way, who gets to be toast in 22? Here are a few scenarios:

a) start with conventional wisdom that ALREADY has Democrats losing the Senate and probably the House. Could happen if Democrats are seen as inept;

b) the next possibility is that both McCarthy and McConnell being seen as the latest Republican incarnations of Doctor No -- if it lives, breathes, moves or is a positive, reflexively block it and refuse to cast a vote in favour of anything;

c) voters focus on the dead benefits in BBBA and punish Republicans for having been against it in the first place when it had solid support in polls across party lines;

d) and then this long-shot: independents vote for Democrats because they want a voting margin to assure passage post-2022.

Normally, I would give Democrats the edge in 2022 because people are really hurting in the COVID-19 economy and need further aid and relief. Logical enough.

But part of the reason Biden is so personally unpopular is because of inflation and its effects on the average American family. Biden is seen as having done nothing to reduce inflation or even keep it in check. He quite literally slapped every American in the face when he re-nominated Powell. terms of the voting booth, it's all about family economy and personal well being and that translates in this inflationary environment into Dems taking a bath if inflation stays in the picture.

Put another way, Repubs don't need Trump to win big. All they need is for Biden to continue losing big on so many fronts.

If this continues, the inflation machine will destroy the Biden re-election machine even before that effort gets out of the blocks.

(This assumes that the 22 mid-terms aren't primarily based on abortion and women's view of same and its state-level restrictions across party lines.)

Tuesday, 21 December 2021

COVID-19: The Who.

People generally can't seem to get their heads around COVID-19, expecting after the initial wave to see a return to normal. Hasn't happened after four waves and won't this time what with Omicron and Delta continuing to wreak havoc across the globe.

From the beginning I suspected Level 4 lab involvement of some sort but found proof wanting. Even WHO, the CDC and other agencies stuck to the wet market official line.

Almost two years later and tit for tat accusations are starting to surface but only in classified settings or on the internet margins: the first scenario passes the buck to JSDCMC operatives while another theory implicates the CIA. 

The story goes that on orders from the highest level glass ampoules were smashed in the Wuhan Wet Market. But will we ever know? Not a chance. 

If COVID-19 does in fact have a human component that would put it way past a genocide -- it would rank above all else as a crime against humanity. It would also be regarded as a quite deliberate act of war were a nation-state culprit ever disclosed.

So, what has humanity learned? First and foremost that the next WW, should it come about will primarily be based on the wide dispersion of biological agents. Like it or not, COVID-19 serves as an invaluable template and teacher for war colleges everywhere.

As tragic as the deaths are, they pale in comparison with the lack of accountability. This is the new and semi-permanent normal. In a sense, humanity should be crying out for accountability where there is none. Unfortunately, thus far, 5,385,351 souls have left this Earth with no one serving as their advocate for bringing someone or some nation-state to justice. That is likely to remain the most striking lesson of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

May God help humanity.

Saturday, 18 December 2021

Trumper Or Trumpette?

Quite remarkably, God has yet to lose patience with Trump and I don't know why. After all, he's so principled, honest and an upright citizen. You know, conning the fawning and then fleecing them for money. But hey, that's only the half of it: he laughs every night at those dolts in the RNC who happen to be paying his ever increasing legal bills. Meanwhile, only 300+ CH rioters are looking to Trump for a helping hand to pay their legal bills and what do they get? Nothing, nada, zip, not a red cent but again Trump is laughing.

It was wrong for RBG to say it from the bench but she nailed it: a faker, nothing more.  The phony-baloney ex-prez of the Republic but surprisingly enough, the suckers still want more.

But just imagine if God finally renders judgment in 2023. Think back to that infamous picture in front of the Resolute Desk -- an extremely beautiful woman in the company of two dopes, dumb and much dumber. I'll leave it to your imagination who was which.

But the Trumpette and hubby have a backup plan just in case Daddy doesn't make it. It started with that mansion move to Miami. Seasoned politicos will recognize that, it's called pre-positioning.

Remember two levels of Bushes and there you go. That should throw more than a few Trump boot-lickers in the party into a major depression. There goes any number of presidential run plans.

So, you read it here first. Time will tell. Indeed it will. But the Republican con job of the disadvantaged white masses continues: who was it who said that there are only three kinds of Repubs: billionaires, millionaires and [conned] suckers?

Thursday, 16 December 2021

Get The Damned Booster NOW!

Omicron is spiraling up exponentially across North America. Be quick about it because it could quite literally save your life.

Friday, 10 December 2021

What's Wrong With You?

Frankly, I was shocked when I saw your picture: that vacant, absolute lost look in your eyes scared the shit out of me. You looked beaten down by life and thoroughly miserable. Living a lie.

And then I thought of all those futile and wasted years of quite deliberate mask wearing. You know, fake it until you make it. Well, sorry, but you didn't and how can you lead that type of a life?

You looked like a fucking druggie. My God, get out and do it now before you destroy the little that is left of the person I love.

You have me way, way, way, beyond worried. Only YOU can do something about that.

How Can Any Of You Stomach Him Any Longer?

I mean, it was already way beyond mind-boggling before the last election. This Prime Minister's toxic combination of I know everything and couldn't care less what Canadians think, much less want.

The absolute level of smugness, pretension and sheer presumption of authority makes me want to throw up. You did this Canada. Shame on all of you pathetic enablers.

Monday, 6 December 2021

Shannon Stubbs.

Now, this is interesting: the mostly anonymous say she's another Payette while those working for her either presently or recently say Stubbs is great.

So...which is it? Erin wants the House to take a look at this. Meanwhile, so far, Stuubs is the only MP who wants O'Toole's leadership reviewed sooner rather than later.

All I can say, to use a Harperism, is what an interesting coincidence!

Sure, the full story will come out eventually. For the sake of his leadership, Erin's version better make him shine. Or else, trouble lies ahead.

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Why Republicans Are Almost Always Inevitably Morons.

Republicans, by and large, seemingly never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity...

They had things shaping up nicely for 2022 and then came along the dumb clucks in Mississippi: you know, the state abortion law that effectively bans abortions after 15 weeks with no exceptions.

It's being argued right now before The United States Supreme Court and that has pro-choice supporters worried in disgust.

But back to the dumb asses: like I said, Republicans in DC are now poised to take the Senate in 22 and maybe even the House. And yes, perhaps the presidency two years later.

But this frontal attack on choice and abortion rights is more than likely about to become the Republicans' Waterloo.

Most women stick together -- even some who are pro-life -- when other women's access to safe and legal abortion is threatened, or worse yet, reigned in.

So, expect an avalanche of women voters in 22 and an even bigger tsunami of new female voters as well.

Translation: DC Republicans will get slaughtered and will receive the licking of a life time. Women have the ballot box power and they'll use it, so God help any Republicans who stand between a woman and her right to a safe and legal abortion.

So much for the efforts of those suffering from male penile inadequacy. They will get the lesson of their very lives in the midterms. Count on it.

Sunday, 28 November 2021

Message For Biden: Come On, Man!

Talk about a Dream Machine: Biden's approval numbers now range between 41 and 44%, mostly thanks to his fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill.

And then there's the age thing with Biden having just turned 79. That's right, 79. Seriously, does anyone really believe that this job won't wear down Biden long before we get to 2024? 

That's why the cowards, racists and misogynists have already preemptively targeted Kamala -- and guess who's calling the shots on that one? Here's a hint, not Biden.'s already down and dirty and we're not even in 2022 yet. 

But back to Joe. Democrats need to put their faith in something else other than Biden being the nominee next time, because he more than likely won't be.

To the Dems I say, get it seriously in gear to save the political ship cause it's already taking on water now. It's almost for sure that they'll lose the Senate next time and probably at least thirty seats in the House. Not good.

But there is a bright side what with moderate Republicans likely to finally fracture the party post-2022. (It's about time, but I digress.)

Finally, here's my message for Biden: get as many wins as you can in this term because you likely won't be the nominee next time.

Joe needs to give his head a shake and say to himself "Come on, Man!" That's reality in DC.

Friday, 26 November 2021

Swandive: Little Or Big?

Global stock markets have a bad case of the double shits, namely, Omicron and Powell.

So much for the medical tapering of COVID-19 and a dovish tapering by The Fed. So, it's Powell again -- with markets fearing another Volcker in the making. Panic is also setting in because people see Biden as having given the hand off to Powell to raise interests rates as in sooner, or more realistically, pretty damned soon. 

Meanwhile, the African COVID rampages forward leaving panic and fear in its wake. Put another way, there goes the global economies, again.

Kind of puts one hell of a major damper on the holidays. I'll stay positive so long as I don't drop dead. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

O'Toole: Here's His Greatest Threat.

Namely, that threat is Erin O'Toole. Good God, can they not see that?

The mind simply boggles.

Sunday, 14 November 2021

Biden Is Blowing It.

Jesus Christ, is Biden even remotely sentient? I mean, where the hell does he think the highest inflation in thirty years comes from? Here's a hint, not from the Easter bunny.

Hello, it comes from the clueless and woefully incompetent Federal Reserve. You know, digital money printing that kills the dollar's purchasing power and skyrockets inflation.

Again, hello. So prepare yourselves for 2022 where thanks to The Fed, the Democrats will definitely lose the Senate and likely the House. Good going Biden...

And if that wasn't bad enough, Biden is opening the door for the DemonSeed's return, unless God mercifully for the United States finally pops off that bastard.

Joe Biden. Meet Jimmy Carter. That's where this is going and the only one to blame is Biden himself.

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Ha, Ha, Ha, Kinsella Takes Bernier To The Cleaners.

In a nutshell, here's Bernier's problem: the good people of Beauce told him once again to take a hint in the last election. Bernier, to no one's surprise, knows better than the average Beauceron. Right.

So, take a long overdue hike and don't let the door slam you in the ass as you fade away into political oblivion. Trust me, you won't be missed.

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

O'Toole: Is It Just Me?

What a riot listening to my CPC friends bitching and complaining about the leader. He's toast one said. That same guy said we'll get rid of him fast.

Right. Please. Tell me another good one. I mean, the dissidents can't even come up with the signatures of 20% of caucus.

Man, this thing is over even before it had a chance to get off the ground.

O'Toole is going nowhere. And all of caucus knows it. Only the membership is complaining and that certainly ain't enough, even by a long shot, to give Erin the heave-ho.


Saturday, 30 October 2021

G20: Putin And Xi Conspicuously Absent.

Putin being absent is no surprise given the bad relations that Russia presently has with the United States. Russia has pretty much been living in a deep freeze since the annexation of Crimea -- and add to that the disastrous vaccination rates in Russia. So, there's plenty of reasons for Putin to avoid the collective cold shoulder awaiting him at the G20.

But unlike Putin, Xi has even more legitimate reasons not to leave China: first and foremost, his continuing feud with Jiang with rumours of an assassination attempt having already taken place against Xi. One was under the impression that Xi had already consolidated power sufficiently not to be at political risk. Add to this the increasing hardline rhetoric on Taiwan and the ever-increasing flyovers of Taiwan's air defense zone. That's why Biden's verbal representations have been unambiguous -- even if walked back later by the White House -- because Washington D.C. takes the Chinese invasion possibility more seriously than it has ever before.

Will internal infighting in China lead to reckless military adventurism against the so-called renegade province? Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail otherwise what would initially be a tight regionally focused conflict could rapidly spiral down into a larger conflict, more than likely drawing in at least Japan and perhaps other area players. 

So, at minimum, we're living in politically trying times with the rest of the G20 tasked with a sacred obligation: maintain diplomatic and economic channels and work to reduce tensions wherever they appear. That should be the G20's focus. God help the rest of us if it somehow fails in its mission and ends up as just another fruitless League of Nations.

G20: Hope Biden Doesn't Get COVID-19.

Too many delegations -- way too many people...even if most if not all of them are doubly vaccinated.

God, how I hope Biden doesn't return home only to find out that he has COVID-19. I would hate for him to catch it and later drop dead. That's the exact opposite view from what I think about you know who. May God send him to his "reward" as soon as possible and definitely before 2024.

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Marc Is Out.

And significantly but not surprisingly, HimselfTM won't say why. Of course he won't even though the reason is already as clear as day: you know that this newly returned government is finally falling apart at the seams when the most distinguished former Liberal prime minister takes a run at you and but good in his latest book.

Couple that with Garneau's independent streak and his manner of not letting precious Katie and company micromanage his department and voilà, Marc is suddenly and ungraciously toast.

When you think of it, that's quite a tag team, Chrétien and Garneau with both likely thinking that this joke cannot continue other than in the short term as PM or party leader. This guy is now toxic for the Liberal brand and everyone knows it, most especially those who make up our most recent and unfortunate ministry.

Any government headed by Trudeau is now nothing short of a national shame and a political disgrace, period. To put it kindly, this guy will make it into the history books in a way that no other prime minister ever has -- and it won't be pretty.

Meanwhile, over on our side, we have a leader who's still digging with the vaccine shovel. A man with a special talent for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, à la Scheer, and then for a topper doing all that he possibly can to unknowingly sink the Blue ship 🚢

And caucus says nothing, willingly complicit and ever compliant as we politically head down suicide alley. Opposition parties usually, at the very least, pick up steam when a minority government is returned. Not this time: Erin seemingly is hell bent on going in the exact opposite direction while caucus genuflects and Trudeau heartedly thanks O'Toole for that highly undeserved second wind. Pathetic yes, but now playing out for all to see, but only au Canada.

Sunday, 24 October 2021

COVID-19: The Permanent New Normal.

Incredibly, so many people can't think beyond their nose. They actually believe that vaccinations will eventually eradicate this. But they won't. Vaccination is a crucial component to staying alive but all it can do is vanquish corona viruses.

People have no idea seemingly that CVs were but the tip of the iceberg. This is a new world where airborne pathogens will be the actual and permanent new normal. In fact, when we get to WW3, right after Beijing invades Taiwan, it will be self-evident for all the world to see.

Now you know why I'm for double and triple vaccinations, permanent seating restrictions, permanent masking and permanent social distancing.

In short, we need every advantage we can get because the next generation of genetically modified bioweapons will make COVID-19 look like a medical afterthought. You ain't seen nothing yet, folks.

We're headed to a place where between 25 and 50 million who died from Spanish Flu will look like just an asterisk. 

Will the next war, inevitably biological, precede the end of life on this planet? Could happen. And maybe if we're lucky, we'll get the Second Coming.

Somebody desperately needs a quick military victory. You know, to get people's minds off the power struggle and purported assassination attempt against him. Not good, to put it kindly.

So, for the time I have left on this planet, I'll keep doing what I have to to survive and keep the odds in my favour.

In my case, that, at minimum, will mean wearing a mask in public until the day I drop dead. I'll leave it to governments to be both incredibly foolish and naive. After all, that's their specialty.

Vaccination of MPs: O'Toole's Lack Of Judgment.



If they do not reverse and reverse quickly, that will say more about Erin O’Toole’s personal judgment than anything else he has done or failed to do since becoming leader. In my case, it’s reverse now or I’m off the reservation as far as defending his leadership is concerned. So, choose wisely Erin because you desperately need all of us who apparently have a lot more common sense than you seemingly do…

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Sunday, 17 October 2021

The "Talk".

In life, nothing truly important is simple: sometimes you just have to have the talk, be it in politics, business or your personal relationships. But that's not easy to do, especially for those who put their ego and pride above all other considerations. 

So, this weekend I took it upon myself to have The "Talk" with a friend who's a longstanding dyed-in-the-wool Conservative. Never bolted, unlike yours truly, who said Fuck You and departed for a decade. Anyway, back to the story: I explained to him the facts of life. I told him how he and his friends were simply both passionate and deluded when it came to replacing O'Toole. 

This guy thinks it's already a done deal: he takes those signatures from twenty percent of caucus as an eventual given -- not on your life. He's living in LA LA LAND. I reminded him what happened at the CPC convention in Montreal after the election loss. 

Many gathered around the bars with the various discussions primarily driven by the strutting peacocks of the day -- you'll know who they were. LOL. Anway, they all sang from the unity bible as the scotch flowed and was consumed by all. Except not by this bozo, I showed up at that convention to vote against Harper and that's what I did, only to run straight into him and his entourage five minutes later. Boy, did I feel cheap. Point is, the tide was turned and my friend voted for Harper and for me that was the biggest conversion I'd seen since hearing about the one on the road to Damascus.

I told him this is exactly what will happen at the next policy convention. The stirred up will go out with a whimper, not a bang. The party will rally around Erin and generously give him another shot, as they should. Now, if the leader blows the next one, he won't need to be prompted. He'll do like Harper and Martin did.

So, there you have it folks. Been there, done that and am smart enough these days not to go there. (I used to joke that when I died, on my headstone you'd find my full name, birth and death date and the following: Against Harper.) Caucus, like all caucuses everywhere only care about three people: me, myself and I. They very much want Erin to consider them for cabinet -- or at least parliamentary secretary when we finally get there as a government and we will. They also, to a person, want the leader to sign those nomination papers. So, voilà, that pretty much says it all except for those who are both deluded and hopelessly low-ranking. This thing is already done meaning Chen, Byrne and company should speak their final piece and then quickly move on. End of story.

Friday, 15 October 2021

They're Going After Chen: Big Mistake.

National Council is acting like a bunch of amateurs -- look, this thing was already dying a natural death and now they've gone and blown the breath of life right back into it. Not the smartest.

Do I think Chen and the others are going to get any traction? Of course not. But this bungle keeps it alive and gives it political oxygen. So, it becomes a chronic rather than a passing irritant for the leader and caucus.

So, put Chen back on and let him speak his peace. Then move on to other more pressing party matters. Like I said, Erin is going nowhere and the next review will only come at the party policy convention. And O'Toole will pass that, just like Harper did in 2005 or was it 2006?

Forgive me if I'm stupid or something but I have a mind to tell National Council where the party's priorities should be: how about on doing anything and everything we possibly can at a party level to oust HimselfTM and his government in the next election? Kind of more important than Chen, right?

So, keep moving and stop providing Chen and others with a multitude of reasons for seeing something here. To conclude with a Kinsellaism: You're welcome.

Saturday, 9 October 2021

Batherson vs. Chen.

Our job is to quickly defuse this leadership struggle and that won't happen if Batherson either directly or indirectly sees to Chen's removal from National Council.

Don't make Chen a victim, or a potential hero. Just let it be and concentrate the mind solely on keeping Erin in his chair.

That's my take on it and hopefully it's also O'Toole's.


Let's face it, in the first two weeks, Trudeau's goose was cooked. But it's so true when they say that a week is a lifetime in politics: panic and desperation in Liberal ranks meant only one thing: strategically going negative.

And so they did with spectacular results: they lied their asses off on O'Toole's Assault-Style weapons position and on CPC candidates and vaccination but it worked like a charm, especially with Blair effectively fronting for them in TO.

You see, Liberals go negative with positive reinforcement in Ontario. It's that basic. You spin it and the province reflexively laps it up. It's only when it gets gonzo, à la Martin with soldiers in the streets, do Ontarians turn away in disgust. 

So, going neg has its natural advantages for Liberals. For the Conservatives, the exact opposite is very much true: push Trudeau's buttons too hard and you risk a sympathy backlash. 

That's precisely why CPC ads were weak as milk toast. They didn't move the dial one iota and were a complete waste of money.

Once the Liberal ads got traction it was time to go for the gusto and damn them torpedoes. But O'Toole's strategic braintrust failed miserably at doing precisely that.

End result: Trudeau wins when he shouldn't have, while O'Toole loses when victory was almost his.

Look forward to the OLO and party firings. Those people deserve it in spades, period. So, let's have at it right now.

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Nobody Showed Up With Signatures.

Caucus met on Tuesday morning. They met for six hours. But no one showed up with the signatures of 20% of caucus. Translation: O'Toole is safe in his job.

Thursday, 30 September 2021

October 5, 2021: Decision Day.

All of you are about as good as I am in trying to read the tea leaves -- what in the world will caucus say and more importantly, DO about Erin's leadership?

This time, I take no position on that having learned only too well from the Jamieson Experience back in 2005. We tried to give Harper the heave-ho and failed miserably.

This time doesn't seem to have the dynamics like when caucus turned on Scheer and he left promptly. My guess is that unity and discipline both internal and external will win the day.

Don't get me wrong, it's more than just grumbling but no one wants to play into Himself's hands, so more than likely O'Toole can and will hang on. 

But don't go back Erin because when we give Trudeau that solid little push in a year to a year and a half, it'll have no chance of working in ON and QC if we still aren't centrist and moderate right of centre. That's called reality folks and without it, we won't have a prayer of winning next time either. 

So, everyone take a chill pill and keep your eyes laser focused on the long game and the big picture. Otherwise, we're doomed as can be, period.

Friday, 24 September 2021

What's Going On With CIMS?

What in the name of heaven is going on with CIMS? The Toronto Star has reported that the OLO has made sure that the party database is no longer available to MPs and candidates in the last election. I say again, what's all that about?

It's no secret that some have already called on Erin O'Toole to resign, or face a leadership review. Normally, any leader who lost an election is subject to a review of his or her leadership at the next party convention -- so later rather than sooner, that will happen.

Frankly, I'm surprised that caucus hasn't chimed in yet but I imagine that'll happen sometime next week. A caucus meeting should be a two-way street with the leader getting important feedback from MPs, while they get to know the leader's intentions.

I think I'm on safe ground in saying that Erin will put the country and party ahead of all other considerations. Let O'Toole reach his own decision about the future and then respect it either way.

That's my message for caucus, whatever it's worth. 

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

O'Toole's Period Of Grace.

Will Erin do the right thing, in addition to what absolutely must be done post-election? We'll find out soon enough. Meanwhile, the feedback from caucus is bound to be both brutal and frank. However, it better also be constructive, part of a build-up rather than a tear-down, otherwise we're doomed at least in the short to medium term.

Why We Lost.

First off, those blue ads. A pack of total lies but set up by the Liberals as a piece of strategic genius. Then throw in the Blair ad: as soon as I saw it for the first time, my heart immediately sank thinking it was over for us. The GTA willingly bought into those lies because the campaign did not have sufficient teflon kryptonite between our actual positions and the lies that the Liberals spread. So…the GTA willingly gobbled it up and the rest is history.

The lesson in all this is for the CPC not to deliberately mine our own harbour in a campaign — we fucking did it on assault-style weapons and again on candidate vaccinations. That’s why we lost, period.

Sunday, 19 September 2021

The Day Before Election Day.

Well, as of now, my previous prediction of a Conservative government has gone out the window. Unfortunately for me, my gut still says we'll win but my heart says we've lost. So, I end up with a wash which was not something I expected at all.

Monday, 6 September 2021

What's YOUR Voting Priority?

Is it keeping or removing an automatic weapons STYLE ban, note not another ban which specifically bans automatic weapons, or is it the removal of this Prime Minister from office? Because, as of now those two issues are the only remaining contenders for the ballot question.

If it's the former than the Conservatives and Erin O'Toole are already in big trouble and could lose this election. If it remains the latter, as I suspect, then the CPC could still win but after this PR disaster, a majority mandate, once possible even if remotely so, likely is no longer in the cards.

So, all of you who intend to vote get to decide by exercising your vote. I look forward to discovering what's top of mind for each and every one of you who votes.

Either way, democracy wins. That's the only silver lining in this campaign.

Saturday, 28 August 2021

O'Toole Is Truly There For You.

I hope Canadians are at least tuning in during this election to get Erin's measure. O'Toole is very much what you see is what you get -- a guy who wants to do right by all Canadians, whether you voted for him or not.

Erin clearly sees a disciplined government as a force for good and an instrument for positive collective change to make life better for Canadians. 

Erin knows that moderation is where most people are at. Just watch him on TV or the net and listen to him on radio. O'Toole comes off as the real deal who pretty much knows where most Canadians expect a federal government to go.

Trust me, you won't regret it if you vote Conservative. Remember how Canadians generously gave Harper three chances before deciding that he just wasn't listening...I can guarantee that you won't have that problem with Erin.

So please, vote your head as a referendum on this Prime Minister and vote your heart for love of country. Keep hope alive because as always, the best is yet to come for all Canadians. Erin will more than do his part to get us there. 

Seriously consider voting Conservative for the change that this country desperately needs. Thank you for thinking about that and for coming over to these pages.

Finally, no matter your decision, please vote and let your voice be heard loud and clearly.

Friday, 20 August 2021

O'Toole And Abortion.

I'm going to keep this simple. Harper and Scheer weren't pro-choice -- Erin is and he'll not allow any government or private members' legislation to pass that will affect or infringe upon a woman's right to choose. Period.

An O'Toole government will be resolutely pro-choice, as it should be. Erin has multiple times given all Canadians his word on this issue and he'll KEEP and honour his word. Women can count on that.

Thursday, 12 August 2021

CANADIANS: Send This Message Loud And Clear On September 20th.

We've had more than enough so we're voting out that smug little bastard and kicking his sorry ass straight to the curb!

Thank you.

Saturday, 7 August 2021

Here Comes The Federal Election!?

Meanwhile, apparently the election call will come this week. Maybe even on Monday. We’ll see.

Sunday, 1 August 2021

Eviction Moratorium: Everyone Blames Everyone Else...

Now, they've really put their collective foot in it -- the House has adjourned for six weeks without renewing the federal moratorium on evictions. It had previously been extended by administrative action until the Supreme Court said that was a no-no constitutionally.

So, now the blame game is on fast and furious with the Democratic leadership blaming the Biden Administration who provided only one day's notice before the House was scheduled to adjourn for the summer recess. Meanwhile, Democratic members were all over the place and unable to unite to pass an extension into October that Pelosi used as a fall back position. For their part, Republicans in the House would have nothing to do with the possible extension.

Of course, the obvious question is how many people will lose their homes -- estimates range from 4 to 17 million people and how will they vote in 2022?

In short, it's a big loss for The White House, the House Democratic leadership and party members. Also a negative for Republican leaders and members. 

God knows how it'll break politically but no matter how it does, people will still suffer and suffer horribly. Personally, I'd vote every House member out of office but that's just me.

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Carney Says Thanks But No Thanks.

Guess someone wants to keep a stadium's length between his likely future leadership and TheTrudeauDisasterTM.

That shows incredibly good judgment. Question is, is it Carney's or his advisers? Either way, they could take Telford in a New York minute. No surprise there.

COVID-19 Common Sense No One Can Deny.

First off, when countries return to the green zone that means new cases are at least on a prolonged downtrend or already exceedingly low. So, green zones are good. But they create a false and phoney sense of security -- which immediately leads to reflexive and heartfelt calls for opening up. 

THAT inevitably leads to dropping your guard as an individual: not getting vaccinated, foregoing the second dose, removing masks, stop using hand sanitizers in public places and not respecting social distancing precautions.

THAT leads to inevitable spikes in cases and recurring outbreaks. And with each ending of a lockdown comes new cases that mostly severely affect the health or kill the unvaccinated. Take the United States as an example: who is getting killed off or is ending up health disabled for life? Why Trump Republicans and other Republicans more than any other groups. Those who get lucky end up in the emergency room and as their health increasingly fails, intensive care. If they survive, they are suddenly and magically converted on the road to Damascus...

THAT leads to just one example of a Conservative radio host who was steadfastly against vaccines, got COVID-19, ended up in intensive care and if he makes it, will crusade on radio going forward in favour of vaccination.

THAT leads to this question: why does it take a personal health crisis and near-death experience to convert these people? What's common sense before they get sick, or while they're sick, is still common sense once they're no longer sick.

FINALLY, THAT leads to this: we will never return to normal until COVID-19 is obliterated across the globe. Sure, it originated in a wet market. Sure, it was repeatedly genetically modified in a lab with various types of variants created with a different intensity as to its level of being contagious or leading to morbidity. So, the worst is yet to come when they roll out the variants that will likely kill 80-90% of those people that catch those future variants. COVID-19 has always been and is today a weapon of war.

Every war college across the planet has studied it and learned invaluable lessons in preparation for a potential WWIII. In the old days, we called it germ warfare. Today we call it, for now, a bioweapon induced health pandemic.

So, stay smart, take precautions, recognize that the old normal is years and years away and protect yourself, your families, friends, other loved ones and respect strangers. Vaccines are essential but they are not a panacea -- regrettably, future deadly variants will prove that in the short to medium term. But some protection is far better than no protection when they ultimately appear in the future.

Saturday, 10 July 2021

Why Harper Is Wrong: JCPOA.

I would have thought that Harper had more common sense, not to mention diplomatic acumen but he doesn' see we live in a new world now -- in other words, the goalposts have moved and western diplomatic and multi-national defence strategy must reflect that.

Biden and the others will go absolutely nowhere if their objective is to put it back in Pandora's Box because Iran won't. It's all fun and games for sure what with Israel planting explosives under the centrifuges' marble floors and for the United States and Israel to launch multiple successful cyberattacks but that's only successful to a point, it's call the short-sighted game.

You see, this will end in either of two successful outcomes: first, the West will reluctantly agree to Iran's sovereign right to produce nuclear weapons, which they already are not far off from doing and then the masterstroke: the West will impose its red-line containment strategy where if the Islamic Republic cross that redline, it's automatic hot war with all of the Western powers.

The other strategic option is the balance of the nuclear triangle where if diplomatic efforts are not successful then Iran will develop its weapons and the West will provide Saudi Arabia with same. That will bring us to MAD, a nuclear standoff and security parity. In other words, for it to work we need political sanity to flow again like it did in India and Pakistan. India did not seriously contemplate first-strikes while Pakistan by and large kept the peace. Once Pakistan got its own arsenal, that projected us into a world of a standoff but with a cold-peace and there we remain to this day.

So, listen up Biden and the others: it's either A or B. Trying to go back to the old framework agreement and the good old days is dead. Use your brains going forward. 

Justin Trudeau Parody Posted At

 Justin Trudeau Parody Below:

Hi, my name is Justin Trudeau and I'm your Prime Minister! I've been very good at smiling a lot, being woke, putting myself before the spotlight (always my highest priority) and also like to buy people off with taxpayer's money. I like to pretend that I listen to people's concerns and actually care what you think -- when in reality I only care what I think. 

So, my electoral strategy is to play all of you for saps: you know, pretend that I'm really working in your interests but nah, in reality I feel that people are gullible enough to fall for my act and vote solely based on how much of someone else's money I throw at them. Yeah, just buy them all off and make phoney 9th inning gestures like choosing an aboriginal GG while not ever meeting my full-funding and timetable  commitments on mercury poisoning, clean water, first-rate housing and of course, the biggie: First Nations Self-Government. 

Ha, ha, ha, I can play the lot of you: come on, give me my majority back. After all, I've already earned it just by allowing all of you to have the honour of having me as your Prime Minister.

Thursday, 8 July 2021

JWR To Retire.

What a great human being, what a fine legislator and highly principled individual. She will be sorely missed -- and what a great loss it truly is for Canada.

And to those of you on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere who went negative: ALL OF YOU are loathsome pieces of scum and a waste of human tissue. Go straight to hell you pitiful morons and may each of you die ASAP and rot in hell.

Thank God I decided it was for the best not to get warmed up. And another thing: FUCK OFF YOU ASSHOLES!

Sunday, 4 July 2021

Unmasked Narcissists: The Gift That Will Keep On Giving.

Do I think that we will ultimately see the end of COVID-19? Nope, I don't. My standard boring joke goes like this: call me in five or ten years and we'll still have COVID! Precisely, in my book. You see, if this virus originated in nature and was genetically modified in a lab -- which I've argued from the beginning of this epidemic, then expect both more variants and unexpected virology outcomes. 

I've speculated without a shred of proof that the virus was genetically modified from hundreds to thousands of times with the ultimate aim being clear: to use as an eventual first-strike weapon in the effort to conquer disputed territory. 

Given all of that and that I'm not full of shit, the narcissistic mask-less will continue to spread various variants across the globe and with that continue a seemingly endless spiking cycle. With that in mind, even after the all-clear is given, I plan to remain cautious: if my argument is correct then that inevitably means we will see variants in the future whose main characteristics are that they are deadly first and transmissible second. In other words, they will be the opposite of most if not all variants already known, which are generally highly transmissible but with relatively low death rates.

That brings me to the narcissists who are neither vaccinated nor masked. They couldn't care less if they get infected or whether they transmit a variant to others. They also don't care if they pass it on and the person ultimately dies. So with those mental midgets in the mix that can only mean an inevitable future cycle of spikes and remissions and then spikes again.

And the other thing is whether we can actually reach herd immunity, given the virology of the virus and its variants. My contention is that even if a theoretical level of 70% is reached, in a given country, that we still won't. So, people who are counting on that are living in a world with a false sense of security. Even the United States hasn't gotten anywhere near there...

In short, remain vigilant. Use masks, continue to respect social distancing and avoid crowds. There are no guarantees in life but there are benedictions and being careful remains one of them. Stay alive, not only for yourself but also for those around you who love you.

Saturday, 3 July 2021

CARNEY: Why Kinsella Is The Best.

Mother of God, what a find: Carney At Wimbledon. It ain't war room gold. In fact, it's far better than that: it's war room platinum. Even Michael wasn't anywhere close to being that tone deaf. Kinsella put it out as an ultimate pro: he lets that precious photo speak for itself and it scores all the points needed to win the match.

And the topper: at least Katie and Gerald weren't bona fide members of the upper classes when they got the big payoff in TAXPAYER "moving" expenses. For Christ's sake, the script almost writes itself. How can Carney be that stupid???

Frankly, I'm happier than a pig in shit. Watch the oppo roll out on this one. It'll be memorable. JustVisitingTM took the match when Michael was already in place. This gem may take Carney out politically, even before he takes those all important baby steps.

Finally, Freeland is having a pretty good day.

Saturday, 26 June 2021

Elementary, My Poor Saps.

It will be hell on wheels once inflation takes off even more -- which it undoubtedly will. We'll see a bond market imploding and a ricochet stock market crash which yours truly projects will be the order of 70-90% percent, if we're lucky.

Retrospectively, it will be called The Greatest Depression as its coming ampleur has never been seen before on good old planet Earth.

Put in saps' speak, the language of the unknowing economic victims, and that will include me, The Fed doesn't get to decide when notice is given as to when tapering begins, or raises in interest rates kick in. Get it, John and Jane Q. Public?

INFLATION and only inflation is the master of this multi-wheel circus and it will call the tune all the way down. It will rise exponentially and head toward the likes of hyperinflation which will force the dullards and incompetents to do what they do best and are most qualified for: to panic.

So, without notice in 2021, tapering will begin in a vane attempt to limit inflation's rise but it won't work. So, then will come the desperate interest rate increase and down the Bond Market will go, taking the Stock Market right down with it. Remember that the debt market is ten times the size of the stock market and is the liquidity king. Once it goes, it's all over. The stock market, on the other hand, is but a poor excuse of a derivative of the bond market.

So fasten your seat belts and start praying right now! Cause the big drop is coming and it will hit this year, to no one's surprise, who happens to be sentient, other than those complete fools over at The Fed and at Treasury.

God help humankind when it hits and one nation's economic misery dominos across the globe and takes the other industrialized economies down the tubes with it.

It was never a V, a U, or even a W. At best, it's an L, and that stands for HE (double) L.


Thursday, 24 June 2021

Please Cancel Canada Day.

No, this has nothing to do with the Canadian federation and the politics surrounding it. It has everything to do with mass graves found on the grounds of former Residential Schools across the country.

Our brothers and sisters who make up First Nations, Métis and other aboriginal nations are in incredible pain. What has been whispered about for countless years is increasingly a horrible and tremendously sad reality. Canada must do everything possible to deal with this pain. 

To that end, we should drop all national, provincial, territorial and local celebrations of Canada Day. We need to seriously reflect about our past and the path ahead regarding our relations both governmental and individual with First Nations and other aboriginal people.

My God, what's the way forward? Unfortunately, the recent discoveries of bodies are likely just the tip of the iceberg. People were expendable and if that isn't a clear case of societal genocide then I don't know what is. 

Again, cancel ALL Canada Day celebrations and do it quickly.

Saturday, 19 June 2021

Powell Has Lost Control, Period.

For starters, Volcker must be spinning in his grave. Volcker was a very successful Federal Reserve Chair who would not bow to political pressure and started raising rates in late 1979 to counter massive inflation. At one point in 1980, inflation reached a high of almost 14 percent.

Volcker's actions tanked the economy and brought on a recession but the bitter pill had to be administered and it ultimately led to an economic rebound and eventual boom by the time Ronald Reagan was elected president. 

All of this to say that inflation inevitably destroys dovish Fed policy as it regards maintaining rates at effectively zero or even reducing rates further into negative rates as the ECB and others have done. Right now, the American economy is basically coming off DOA status and slowly picking up, hence the continuing printing of electronic money by The Fed trying to maintain some form of economy stability and momentum, or at least maintain markets on an even keel. But it isn't really working: just look at market breath, inflows and volumes. Those are seemingly the first signs of what is likely to come.

Put another way: Powell is no Volcker. Inflation in 2021 is now at 5% according to official numbers but ShadowStats and others have shown that the more you monkey with the factors used in establishing an official inflation rate, the more the number becomes less credible in true economic terms. Under the real-deal SS formulas, inflation is already above 8% and likely closer to 12-13% in real terms.

In layperson's terms, that means that the screws are tightening and severely limiting what The Fed can do going forward: they won't lower rates into negative territory as that simply cannot theoretically be done in the economic engine of the western world. The more they print, the more inflation accelerates, which means they MUST taper or inflation will get wildly out of control and sink the dollar. Sure, you'll still see short-term rallies in the dollar but the clearly demonstrable overall trend is down and almost continuously so for the American buck.

Powell knows perfectly well that he's got to try and check inflation and that means tapering come stock market hell or high water. So, The Fed is boxed in -- it's no longer a question of if but more a matter of when tapering starts and that's what will sink the markets. Similarly, rates will inevitably rise because inflation will either get far too hot or even get out of control: that will mean both a stock market severe retrenchment and an economic free-fall, mostly like plunging the United States into a second recession.

So, take The Fed's official speak as bullshit: there's no way on planet Earth that they'll be able to delay raising rates to 2023. That's pure economic insanity and monetary policy suicide. Steadily rising inflation will surely and ultimately call the tune and that means at least one rate hike this year. It also means forgetting about Powell's intention to give clear notice before beginning tapering. Inflation is likely to continue rising at such a brisk pace that The Fed will have no choice but to act precipitously on raising rates, long before they had intended. That means later THIS YEAR.

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

English Canada: Allows The Separatists To Win Again...What Else Is New...

As usual for English Canada, they have this backwards. They regard the Bloc motion as a disgrace -- among other things -- which of course, it is for anglophones in this province.

But they miss the big picture because as always the truth hurts and badly: the separatists got this win not because of how the House voted but because of ENGLISH CANADA. You know ENGLISH CANADA, that gang who quite deliberately and contentedly allowed Quebec to be without a constitutional agreement since only 1982. Not bad ENGLISH CANADA, that's only THIRTY-NINE FUCKING YEARS...

So spare me your disgust, indignation, righteous anger and hypocrisy. ENGLISH CANADA slept at the switch while Canada burned and they didn't give a flying fuck.

So, shove it up your ass and await the inevitable: the dismemberment of Canada and if you want to find the culprit who threw this federation away, just take a long, hard, look in the fucking mirror. You did this. Not the pathetic sovereignists.


In the Chamber
Vote result: The @BlocQuebecois #OppositionMotion (Amendment to section 45 of the Constitution and Quebec, a French-speaking nation was adopted. #cdnpoli Yeas: 281
Nays: 2

Saturday, 12 June 2021

Trudeau Liberals: Do As WE Say, Not As WE Do...

More polling numbers showing the fragility of this poor excuse for a government:

Federal polls | 338Canada

They deserve to be royally punted and may it happen as soon as possible. So incompetent and so hypocritical. This Prime Minister sets the tone and example and the rest incredibly, willingly follow that phoney and self-serving PM. 

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Léger And Abacus: Got To Love The Sound Of Those Numbers.

Léger:  Liberals = +3

LPC: 32

CPC: 29

NDP: 22

BQ  : 6

GPC: 6

OTH: 5

Abacus: Liberals = +3

LPC: 34

CPC: 31

NDP: 17

BQ  : 6

GPC: 7


Dive, baby, Dive!

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

That Piece Of Shit.

Poor family. Poor London community. I hope that POS is convicted and gets at least four consecutive life sentences with no chance for parole, ever.

Fast track an amendment to the Criminal Code and make it happen and make it retroactive. That fucker deserves nothing less.

May a higher power be with that poor son.

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Let's Make It Easy For Those In English Canada Who Are Status Quo Dunces.

From Professor Philippe J. Fournier's Qc 125's website:

Projection du vote populaire

                            Dernière mise à jour: 10 mai 2021

Monday, 31 May 2021

Fight Status Quo Ontario!

It's now up to Quebec and The West to fight Ontario, especially the federal Ontario mentality that has had for far too long been imposing their view of Canada on the rest of us.

For my part, I'm just getting started -- and as Frank M. O'Dowd used to say: the Ontario Status Quo Federalists are about to prendre leurs baisse.

You can count on it.

The Trudeau-Chrétien Clique Are Exactly Like The Bourbons...

In short,  They had learned nothing and forgotten nothing.” 

To wit: Goldenberg's opinion piece in The Globe And Mail:

Let's start with a few of his gems:

He [Mulroney] had not learned the lesson that, despite early agreement by first ministers, elite accommodation is not sufficient; public involvement and public opinion have a critical role to play.

Precisely. What planet has Goldenberg been on exactly? Has he failed to notice through innumerable constitutional rounds, inevitably ending in abysmal failure, that the Canadian people by and large don't give a shit about the grievances of one province -- not to mention several. Put another way, they couldn't care less if the whole fucking country walks. Yes, they are that self-centered, ignorant and dare I use that word, entirely provincial in their thinking. In other words, we like Canada the way she is, deeply flawed, so to hell with anyone and everyone else who wants a revamping of this joke of a federation.

But Goldenberg gets better. Here's where he tells all of us that push for reform that we might as well hold our breath and turn blue since the non-accommodation fix is already in:

Mr. Trudeau should understand that the courts always give meaning, sometimes in unexpected ways, to constitutional language. The courts may well interpret the proposed amendment in a manner that affects the operation of the federation as a whole, which would require the approval of Parliament plus seven provinces representing 50 per cent of the population. The Prime Minister therefore bears the responsibility to ensure that such an amendment not be enacted without full public debate, understanding and acceptance of all the potential consequences, including those for minority language rights in Quebec and the rest of Canada.

Put in more honest language: why don't we let Canadians decide? By all means, since we all already know that most of the country will quite deliberately go out of their way to screw Quebec, Alberta and anyone else who wants even the most minor of amendments to this so-called constitution.

And then there's this unsurprising piece of advice for the current Prime Minister:

The Prime Minister has a solemn duty to consider the consequences for the whole country of any reopening of the Constitution. He must slam the constitutional door shut now before it is too late.

This is where Goldenberg reveals his utter fondness for a static constitution which won't ever be amended again, perhaps in our lifetime? Funny eh, but a constitution, even a deeply flawed one like ours is supposed to be a living, breathing document that changes to reflect the new realities of Canadian society. Oh no, not in this country. You see, this is a cowardly nation with its nose firmly fixed to a pane of glass. Who the fuck gives a tinker's damn if we go down the tubes. After all, utter indifference and evident stupidity is the Canadian way...

Again, precisely.

Sunday, 30 May 2021

Canada Is Dying One Day At A Time.

This post concerns comments that I left on I hope you enjoy it and that it spurs internal reflection, if not debate.


This has been and is still today a disingenuous country from the get-go, period. It’s based on the false political premise of bilingualism, largely promoted by Pierre Elliott Trudeau and company. Trouble is, in English Canada through the generations, there was absolutely no desire to run their provinces or territories reflexively in both English and French. Young people took French immersion and spent the rest of their lives living them out solely in English. It’s a fucking joke: English Canada wants to run its affairs only in English, just like daddy USA…in short, absolutely no good faith intent to make this country a truly bilingual nation. When I was at Carleton in the 80s, I was astounded and beyond irritated hearing from Franco-Ontarians how they couldn’t get served in French, in the nation’s capital, at the municipal level. Robert, you’ll be able to tell us if they truly can today and if employees of the city of Ottawa speak both English and French while doing their jobs internally but I still have my doubts. But I digress. Face facts English Canada, there is no province or territory in this country that’s bilingual, meaning 80-90% of its residents speak both official languages on a daily basis. Sadly, there is but one region: it’s called Northern New Brunswick and its mostly the Acadians and the Brayons who speak English and French on a daily basis. That says it all about a supposedly bilingual Canada.

Now to my province: like English Canada who genuinely only wants to speak English on a daily basis, French-speaking Quebecers also want their society to be run solely in French. Those with a North American perspective, especially the young and up and coming generations want to learn English and make it their business to learn it. In the millennial generation, there are more bilingual young people than ever before and that trend will continue, regardless of language legislation.

Now as to the constitutional front, English Canada goes out of its way, via their political leaders, not to recognize Quebec as anything other than just a typical province. For Christ’s sake, even my grandmother saw reality on the ground and was for special-status for Quebec in the 1960s and 70s. But English Canada had and continues to have other ideas, namely, fuck Quebec with The Constitution Act 1982, fuck them again on Meech Lake, screw them once more vis-a-vis Charlottetown and go out of their way to keep screwing Quebec in the future. THAT’S REALITY, English Canada.

So, in the final analysis, this country will ultimately be politically dismembered by English Canada and we will walk. But we won’t be alone because those same political morons who are screwing Quebec have a second game going at the same time and it's called fucking Alberta and that too will continue even after Quebec leaves, so Canada, prepare for Alberta’s eventual exit as well.

In short, this country was always doomed from the start: Atlantic Canada and Ontario with one vision, largely achieved; Quebec with another with special-status within the federation and the West with their own vision of a truly equal nation as regards political power and influence spread across this country at the federal level and between the provinces and territories themselves. But they, like Quebec, will never, ever, get what they want, so one day AB walks either to go it alone, or join the United States.

Put bluntly, Canadian politicians in English Canada have made their beds and the people in each jurisdiction have foolishly supported them since 1867. From the start, no one on the ground wanted all Canadians to be functionally bilingual and no one ever will. So, don’t cry for me Argentina — it’s no longer a matter of when Canada will be no more, it’s only a question of when and that date is approaching a lot sooner than most people think. First Quebec goes bye, bye, and then Alberta. That’s what most of English Canada wants and that’s what they’ll get.

Saturday, 22 May 2021

Hey, You!

Is this the type of government Canadians deserve? Never mind about this guy or that guy or that gal leading an opposition party.

That's not what it's all about: I mean, is this acceptable to any rational human being? Have you ever seen a government led this way before? Not me. The level of inate incompetence is truly mind boggling. 

They laughed at other governments in the past but this clown has outdone them all. Is this what YOU pay your taxes for?

There's so much gaslighting going on that they could start their own power company. FFS, Canadians deserve way better than this total joke, always inevitably smiling at the prospect of having yet again put another one over us.

No political accountability, no ethics, no transparency, no fundamental valves like keeping faith with Canadians. Nothing, and I mean nothing other than staying in office and doing as he pleases.

So...what the hell are you going to do about it? 

Saturday, 15 May 2021

Anti-Vaxxers Can't Help Themselves Because They're Narcissists.

Here's how Good Housekeeping describes a classic textbook case:

  • People with NPD expect to get special treatment.
  • They exaggerate their own smarts, success, power, and looks.
  • The lack of empathy leads them to take advantage of people, with no regrets.
  • Narcissists may be extremely jealous and ultra-sensitive.
  • Because they tend to be very thin-skinned, they may angrily lash out at any criticism or push-back.
  • Narcissists also may lash out when they feel like they’re not getting special treatment.
  • Underneath all of these traits is a deep sense of insecurity.
  • And — no big surprise, when you consider all these traits — narcissists may find it super-difficult to have healthy relationships, and have loads of trouble at work or school.
The ones I know are about as self-centered as they come. They go with a major theme, read excuse, why they won't get vaccinated. They couldn't care less if they get infected, if they become a spreader and even more incredibly, if they infect colleagues, family members, friends, acquaintances or strangers. In their minds, only their egotistical existence is truly important.

And like GH reported, they think they shit gold bricks every time they hit the can. They are at once strangely in love with themselves while at the same time insecure and convinced that no one has a lower self-esteem of themselves than they do.

The exact same mentality transfers over to mask-wearing. It's not for them, no matter what scientists, doctors, public health officials or even God says. As one idiot said to me: if I have to wear a mask (in the office), I'm leaving.

The only people more clueless are the dimwit politicians who remove their masks to speak before microphones...hello, it's an air-borne transmissible virus and guess what, the mic is already a super-spreader. Brainless, just like the anti-vaxxers.

Saturday, 8 May 2021

COVID-19: A Weaponized Pathogen.

The time for sugar coating and discretion is the better part of valour is long over: COVID-19, like SARS and MERS clearly originated in nature, only to be quite deliberately weaponized for future military purposes. Think about it for a moment. The next worldwide conflagration was bound to be out of the box with mini-confrontations thrown into the mix for testing purposes. In this case, only three words are needed to suffice: that renegade province, otherwise known as strategic objective number one by peaceful methods if possible and by eventual military might if absolutely necessary. But make no mistake: if conquest is the required instrument, then conquest it will be.

Throw in a lab pathogen that has been deliberately manipulated, perhaps even a thousand times and the plot thickens. So, the objective was mass delivery via airplanes and worldwide transmission. Some testing ground. But military strategy required it. It was the ultimate means to a strategic end, namely territorial conquest with the enemy having virtually no capacity to meaningfully resist thanks to future COVID-19 variants designed in a lab. 

Now, let us move to variants writ large: some, at least in the initial phases would be mostly benign with morbidity rates effectively at baseline levels, say 2-3%. But strategic objectives would necessitate the production of other variants with a much higher death rate. Think of Brazil and India, or if you prefer, the tips of that iceberg. In short, we ain't seen nothing yet. It's all part of the grand plan.

Moving on to vaccines, which are essential to maintaining human health but always at least one step behind the latest surfacing engineered variants. They are designed to effectively reduce symptoms of the initial variants. No one claims they can prevent COVID-19. Imagine the gamechanger as new variants emerge that are far more deadly to a broader section of the human community.

Scientists and doctors are all about the traditional concept of mass vaccination and herd immunity. Quite obviously, novel variants that were deadly way beyond a scope previously seen would put the flame to herd immunity and likely render it almost impossible. Another quite deliberate gamechanger.

So, where does that leave humanity? Reasonably, one can conclude that variants could still be with us in say five or ten years. Forget about The Spanish Flu and its two to three year duration. Today, we're entering a new deadly paradigm that will shake humanity to its very core.

Make no mistake, the only genuine motive was one of wargaming with humans used as test subjects and lab rats, period. And yes, it does have shades of the Second Coming but it's far too early to credibly comment on that.

Medical practioners and virologists' main enemy is inducing panic among various populations. That's immediately followed by preventing a hot war. Sadly, these efforts are illusionary at best.

Over three million people dead and counting with so much worse to come of an order of magnitude likely so shocking that the human mind can't bear to even contemplate it. Ultimately, a terribly tragic reality for humankind, and one that should never have been contemplated by human beings.

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Why Gunter Has Got It Wrong.

Gunter calls O'Toole a dishonest dud. In his view, O'Toole is an ever changing politician in search of power, a guy who'll say and do anything just to win. Many will argue that Mr. True Blue has morphed into someone who's barely recognizable. That's wrong, principally for two reasons: first off, today's version of O'Toole is the real McCoy, the guy who Erin always was. Secondly, seriously, what kind of party member actually fell for that Kool-Aid act in the first place? You'd have to have fallen off the turnip truck only minutes before the leadership balloting. 

However, what does trouble me is Erin's seeming inability to be comfortable with the principle of a strong team of rivals à la Lincoln. You know, people like MacKay, Poilievre, etc. That makes you wonder how comfortable O'Toole is in his own skin and how he personally views his own abilities and strengths. In short, that perception needs to change yesterday.

The other thing is, of course, staffing and strategic advice: kind of speaks for itself. In other words, to ask the question is to answer it. Unfortunately, plenty of room for marked improvement there.

Yours truly isn't looking for Round Two, you know, the good old anti-Harper days. What great memories but I digress.

I would remind Erin that he continues to be a work in progress -- very much so but who still requires at least some political massaging and moulding. Put differently, O'Toole ain't quite there just yet.

Sure, O'Toole's already leaps and bounds more genuine and fresher than the incumbent but that alone doesn't win you a majority. Gunther and a lot of others quite frankly see this as 1980 all over again but they're wrong. In fact, the real deal is 1979 where a plurality of voters couldn't stomach the old man Trudeau any longer. That's where Canada lives in 2021 with people looking for any sign of a credible reason to vote CPC. It's up to Erin to give it to them, not just default into a semi-automatic minority like Clark did.

So, in the final analysis, it's about the leader's stuffing, not the turkey. Erin still has one hell of a lot of work to do to cement a majority. By all means have at it but make sure your team can ultimately bring home the bacon otherwise this country will continue to suffer needlessly under Justin Trudeau's maladministration. The political runway is already mighty short and shrinking. I'm for giving O'Toole the benefit of the doubt and watching intently. What the leader does with time going forward will determine whether we're talking 1980, 1979 or something else. Remember Erin, your destiny is entirely in your own hands. Make the most of it, for Canada's sake.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I supported MacKay.

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Learn Not To Take Unjustified Shit From ANYONE Except For God.

Basically, I've been a first-class sucker for most of my life. You know how that goes, trying to be nice to everyone in my circle -- not making waves and avoiding confrontation. Walking around with a defuse the tension mentality.

Not anymore. Anyone now who gets in my face, particularly when it's totally unjustified, gets immediate push back and hard. I'm dealing with two of those people right now and it's going to be a memorable time for each one of them. They are doing all they can to provoke an unjustified apology after each one initiated conduct that was unacceptable. Don't hold your breath. One of them actually is on a mission to break me, one day at a time. She will be sadly disappointed. Poor Scorpio.

I've finally wised up at 60 years old. It took far more time than it should have.

Elections And An IdiotPrimeMinisterTM...

Originally posted at THE WAR ROOM,

Elections generally don’t get decided by polls. Individual guts orient voting patterns. What Zacc did in 2005 was gut wrenching, with support for the CPC going up. Ditto in 2015: Harper lost because he had quite deliberately gone gonzo-right during the majority. Again, gut wrenching for Canadians. 2021: the COVID-19 incompetence is more of the same as Canadian lives were needlessly lost because of a procurement failure. Imagine a Prime Minister who is stupid enough to make a deal with China while Meng is going through the extradition process, the Two Michaels are literally dying one day at a time in jail, in horrible conditions and this genius of a PM is actually hopelessly naive and foolish enough to think that China would honour her vaccine commitments? That says it all, Scot. Says it all. Trudeau learned absolutely nothing in the job since 2015 and it shows. It’s way beyond painful for COVID-19 victims, their families and everyday Canadians. Incompetence is the exception in the PM job but Trudeau has pulled that one off spectacularly.