Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Putin: Ultimately The Hague Bound.


Will Putin surrender voluntarily to the ICC in The Hague? I don't think so. You know what that means: NATO will have to ultimately "help" him to get there and make no mistake, he WILL get there, later rather than sooner.

Sunday, 27 March 2022

The REAL Joe Speaks.

"For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power."

That's what all this wringing of hands and backpedaling is all about. From Blinken on down, to the Senate and House, everyone is in a race with each other to put the kibosh on regime change in Russia and they're all dead wrong.

You see, Joe spoke from his heart and was backed up by his intelligence, instincts and yes, dare forbid, his emotions. He knows too well that Putin is, at the very least, the devil incarnate and therefore has to be taken on full bore. 

Biden is smart enough to recognize that with a demon seed, a wider war with NATO is almost inevitable. So...NATO, the EU and others can fight Putin now, or likely inevitably fight him later. 

In Foreign Policy 101, you learn that when you fill the geopolitical bottle with water, sooner or later it overflows. In the Ukraine context, that means steady filling by Ukraine's allies with ever increasing supplies of weapons of sophistication -- we all already KNOW how Putin will ultimately respond, he will attack NATO, period as he can stomach our reinforcement and resupply in Ukraine for only so long.

Joe instinctively knows that and so in his mind, it's a calculus of fighting Putin now or taking him on later. But either way, we will be at war with Russia in the final analysis.

And the other major humanitarian implication screams out for general mobilization across NATO right now. It's known as the Ukrainian government and people. With each passing day, more and more innocent civilians die. At what point does that number become unacceptable for NATO and worthy of military intervention? Exactly.

The Demon Seed cares not for civilian homes, hospitals, seniors' residences, schools, day-care centers, etc. Putin and his inner circle need to be defeated yesterday so they can collectively be on their way to The Hague for trial and punishment for their crimes against humanity and war crimes, period. Surely, this is one ICC dossier that the United States and every other civilization nation can rally around?

As Joe said from the heart, human decency is crying out for the saving of Ukraine. Don't disappoint The Almighty and don't ignore your collective humanity if you're in high positions of power in the United States, NATO, the EU and other allied countries.

Don't make the same mistake Obama made in Syria. This red-line needs to be defined now and tanks, fighters and bombers need to be in Ukraine as soon as possible. Then Ukrainians can take the war to Russia, so they can fittingly experience exactly what they have put Ukraine through. In French, we call it donner donnant.


Leslyn: A New And Improved Campaign?

As some of you will already know, when I filled out my ranked ballot last time, |I put Leslyn second, like a lot of other people. I put MacKay first.

I must say that it's pretty gutzy for her to run again. Quite obviously, Team Lewis is going to build on the last campaign autopsy and see where they went wrong, if they did. The other thing that's likely will be preparing their supporters for Strategy A and Strategy B. None of you need any help in knowing what Strategy A will be and is all about. Strategy B is, of course, TheGoToTM strategy. For maximum impact, Leslyn would have to bring at least 90% of her people with her to become king-maker. 

But that's the also-ran strategy, not the main focus of her campaign. If Leslyn is in, it's because she wants to win and so she'll adjust her political strategy accordingly. She will no doubt look to political history both in Canada and the United States for tips. Why did some campaigns win big and why did others only win because of a couple of factors in an otherwise extremely close race?

I'm for Charest but I'm still looking forward to see what her strategists come up with. Leslyn has always been for a big tent campaign with respect across the board for all points of view, including those she does not share personally. 

So...here's my prediction: at worst, Lewis improves her final position in this race as opposed to last time. If she gets the wind in her sails, it will suddenly be a battle for number two as number one likely plateaus on the second round of ballot ranking. 

Then it becomes all about relationships and alliances made before party members vote. If her supporters know the endgame before we vote and more importantly, are okay with it, then anything becomes possible, at least in theory.

Remember that Joe and Flora was designed to work both ways when in fact it didn't. But it was a sound piece of strategy nonetheless. Leslyn is likely to be a think-out-of-the-box candidate and as such, the other major candidates in this race better take her deadly seriously. Quite literally, anything can happen as final outcome in this leadership race. Watch Lewis go and wait for more than likely major surprises.

Saturday, 26 March 2022

What Will Peter Do Now?

Now that I've reached a decision given the fact that Peter is out, it naturally flows from that that I wonder where MacKay is going to end up. I can see two possible scenarios: the first hinges on whether Peter is at least open to running again in Central Nova. Here, the family dynamic will be important. He either stays or goes, maybe even back to Toronto?

If Peter runs next time, IMHO, all the more reason to consider embracing the Charest campaign. Charest is, at the very least, middle-of-the-road, while others such as yours truly consider him as a Red Tory. Charest and his people need to see the big picture and be proactive about that: you know, a big blue wave that starts out in Atlantic Canada and moves westward. Hello! Who's the guy most likely to get that wave generated and off the ground? Why MacKay, if he's interested that is.

Personally, I'm biased as hell but IMHO, it would be a crying shame if Peter was out for good. He has so much more to give to Canada in his political career and would make not only a good fit with Charest but also would reasonably dovetail Jean when it comes to policy and the federal government's role in the overall scheme of things.

So...whatever Peter decides, it will and should be respected. But IMHO, Peter needs to join Team Jean rather than support any of the other candidates. I guess we'll find out soon enough which way MacKay ultimately goes.

Peter MacKay is many things but one thing he's definitely not is being politically irrelevant or yesterday's guy. That's what I'm counting on. In my perfect hockey world, I see Peter and Jean passing the puck to each other as they break for the net. With both of them going hard at it, how can the puck not go in?

Friday, 25 March 2022

CPC Leadership Race: Neutral NO MORE!

I just came back from Charest's speech and frankly in good conscience, how can I possibly remain neutral after a speech like that? It was a doozy.

In short, I'm sold now on his candidacy.

Sunday, 20 March 2022

Ukraine: It's Up To BOJO To Save The Free World.

On Ukraine, the democratic world needs World War III and we need it YESTERDAY. This is a war against the devil incarnate so we really only have two legitimate choices: NATO, the EU and others can fight Putin now or absolutely be drawn in further down the road after hundreds of thousands of civilians will have been massacred. It's long overdue for the rubber to hit the road.

The United States got in late in WW I & WW II...what would have happened to the Free World but for Pearl Harbor? Exactly.

In short, it's up to BOJO to become Churchill. The UK must get in now, along with the Commonwealth and that will force the Americans' hand. FINALLY. Once the UK is in, the other self-respecting democracies will get in and Putin will be one hell of a lot closer to meeting the noose in The Hague.

Saturday, 12 March 2022

MacKay Is Out.

I respect Peter's decision and reasons for same. But I won't be a fucking phoney and pretend to suddenly find wild enthusiasm for Poilièvre, Charest, Lewis or anyone else. Nope, as H.W. would say: not gonna do it...

In short, I'm out too and will be neutral going forward. It's very disappointing. What can I say.

I was looking forward mightily to taking all of them on but now...what's the point? Ron Agnew has just left the building. LOL.

How To Kill Your Own Campaign.

As that wise political strategist Warren Kinsella would say, when you're on defence, you're losing. You know, Charest on the colour of his political cloth, the carbon tax, Quebec's sales tax, etc.

But the other leg of the two-legged stool is equally important: when you've got practically no credible policy of your very own and have already become totally obsessed with sinking Charest, well, that just won't cut the mustard, even if you happen to already be "TRUE Blue." That's Poilièvre, Byrne and company in a nutshell. The candidate ain't exactly an easy sell, nor is Charest for that matter and original policy is microscopically thin, so it's all out on offense and only that against the Charest bogeyman. Not too impressive. In short, you can't win on just I'm not Jean Charest.

Meanwhile, Chong is out, which is a strategic mistake given his political bent and MacKay isn't in. If Peter wants to play, he can't prolong this too much longer otherwise he'll lose credibility as time passes him by.

I won't in any way pretend to be neutral and unbiased. That would be farcical. A lot of Conservatives know exactly where I stand. The question is, where am I going politically in this leadership race?

How Biden And Western Leaders Become De Facto War Criminals À La Putin.

This is Biden's latest position and it's, for lack of a more definitive word, G-A-R-B-A-G-E.


What the fuck are Biden and the others waiting for? 50 million dead? My God, how can our leaders have such stupid blinders on and not be willing to immediately take on the Anti-Christ's latest representative on Earth?

NATO and the West need to get that demonic bastard now, not later. Waiting amounts to indirect appeasement à la Chamberlain when all of us already know that Ukraine is only stop one, think Georgia and Moldova next.

This narcissistic psychopath-sociopath will also take on former Soviet republics that are now NATO members, so collectively get that in your heads now. 

Prepare for general mobilization and do it yesterday. 


Charest: It All Comes Down To This For Most Conservatives.

This party needs a leader with a long track record. That person also has to be intimately familiar with every aspect of the party and its positions. That person has to have a proven record of dedicated service to the party and Conservative governments, post 2003. 

Jean Charest says he's a Conservative. Then let him produce his membership information for all to see. If he's been discreetly all in since 2003, then great. If not, then stop pretending. He better not be a Johnny-Come-Lately nor another Erin O'Toole -- who's one thing while in the PCPC, another while premier and finally a third incarnation while running for the CPC leadership.

It brings me back to Clark's remark about Orchard about being a tourist in the [legacy] party. Could Charest win a general election? Sure he could. But the membership is calling the shots in this race and they will go for the genuine article. That's why if Charest isn't 100% authentic, he and his people might as well simply stay home.

Like I said before, watch Harper's cabinet ministers. They will show the way to a considerable extent. For Charest to win, he needs at least a plurality of ministers. But where the rubber really hits the road is whether he can actually do that. Colour yours truly skeptical at best.

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

CPC Leadership Race: God Please Help Us.

Oh my God, what a disaster in the making: this leadership race is shaping up with the potential not only to fracture the party but could also ultimately destroy it.

Yes, it's that serious. It's all about polarization, attacks on the other and a refusal to come together on policy, not to mention a leader.

Just look how Poilievre and Byrne are playbooking it: Charest, the devil incarnate, who has no history with or loyalty to this party, coming in and it's takeover time.

At the other end, Charest, yes, a veritable tourist in this party with a strong sense of entitlement for a guy who's never been a member.

Like I said before, what a disaster. There's no middle ground for anyone to safely occupy and talk of Harper not being neutral. I hope that's not true as it would only make matters much worse.

So, Charest now will announce on Thursday and he's already sealing the deal: first with Brown and now Tasha. Some are crying about an attempted fix almost already being in.

So, expect a battle with elbows up and chips that fall where they may.

Meanwhile, the Trudeau Liberals are happier than a pig in shit watching us make complete fools of ourselves.

Ours is now a party only about self. Just another Trudeau party. No bold vision for Canada, no economic remedies, no course to chart for the future. All that remains is a war of entitlement and absolutely no consensus on either candidate, or future direction for the party and the country.

Like I said, it simply can't get any worse.

Monday, 7 March 2022

Our Genius Strikes Again.

This Prime Minister is not known to be the swiftest but even he should not be this stupid: he announced today additional sanctions on unnamed Russian oligarchs and he stated publicly that those names came from a list compiled by jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Great going, genius. That should be enough for someone to "find" Navalny dead in his prison cell.

Sunday, 6 March 2022

A Message To CPC Members.

We'll know the result of the leadership on September 10th. Another ranked ballot, for better or worse.

Here's my message to all of you: first off, this party is not the PPC. More importantly, nor are we the PCPC. So, the membership will be giving Charest a critical look, to say the very least. Charest is expected to announce tomorrow (Monday).

But a lot of them will want to follow the lead of Harper cabinet ministers, not MPs. Who will the Harper cabinet rally around, mostly? Highly doubt that person will be Charest.

God Bless Mike Pence!

Pence tells GOP donors the party has "no room in this party for apologists for Putin," drawing contrast with Trump


Fuck Trump!

Jake Tapper.

May God Bless Jake Tapper. He got it exactly right on Ukraine and the appeasement of various administrations in the United States, going all the way back to Clinton right up to Trump.

Putin: They're Deliberately Targeting Hospitals, Schools and Civilians At Large.

With this, Putin has sealed his fate. As if using cluster bombs wasn't already enough. He will end up at the end of a noose for war crimes. 

This is pure evil, the work of the Anti-Christ, so declare war now. Evil must be wiped off the face of the Earth, period.

Just how far will this demon seed have to go before NATO and the EU finally get it? Because sooner or later, NATO will be backed into a corner and will have to find the resolve they should have already found a week or two ago.

Need more proof of evil at work, just look what they've done to Kinsella's comment section  -- like I said before, this is a war between good and evil so clean his fucker's clock now! 

Saturday, 5 March 2022

Are NATO Members Humanitarians?

Each of you is sentient, you see what's going on in Ukraine day after miserable day. So, ask yourselves this question: the Ukrainian President and Foreign Minister have it exactly right, just how much suffering and death are NATO members willing to let the Ukrainians endure? 

You need to get out of that mindset that you are a defensive alliance. People are dying right across from your borders. You can't do nothing and fortunately, you and the EU are not doing nothing but remember that by not doing nothing, you invite an almost inevitable attack on at least a NATO member in eventual retaliation. Put another way, Russian attacks outside Ukraine are both predictable and likely. 

With that in mind, you can join the fight now and limit the bloodshed, not to mention shorten the time to victory for Ukraine or you can do it later, when there are no legal niceties available to keep you out of World War III.

Hitler went into parts and then all of Czechoslovakia. The West was foolishly in solely reactive mode and did nothing until he invaded Poland. And surprise, surprise, NATO is still as cowardly now as the West was then. Make no mistake, when Putin inevitably attacks NATO, it will be war writ large. Better to fight for the good right now than to wait and do it later when circumstances on the ground effectively mean you have no other choice. 

Putin Is Losing.

The world is watching and seeing how the Ukrainians are defending their country with far more success than anyone thought. This invasion is transforming before our eyes into a guerilla war and that is never to the advantage of the aggressor.

That's when the invading army gets bogged down, worn away and ultimately cut from their supply lines. In short, without supplies -- especially fuel -- an advancing army can no longer advance.

Add to that the fact that Putin is a lousy military strategist. He's more in the mould of Hitler and that isn't good for troop morale, especially given the fact that perhaps only 30% of the invading force are not conscripts doing their one-year mandatory military service. That puts the writing on the wall.

Putin is stuck with lousy options in this war: he can go full force and nuke countries but that's a suicidal strategy and he knows that. Sure, Russia like the United States, the UK and France have a sub-based part of a nuclear triad but no one's subs are less detectable than those of America. So, that means in a nuclear exchange, American forces would launch such a wide ranging retaliatory strike that Russia would quite literally be at risk of incineration. So, that's an empty threat at best.

Then comes his declaration that any country that enforces a no-fly zone will be considered an active wartime participant. No kidding. For now, a no-fly zone remains off the table but ultimately will come into being after Russia takes action to quell the steady incoming flow of Stingers, Javelins and other defensive weapons. In short, Poland now has a big X on her back and sooner rather than later, Putin will directly take on NATO and that will inevitably mean one thing: at least the political end of Vladimir Putin. That will be followed by what most offensive forces never think about: war crimes trials and the meting out of punishment.

Like I said on the top, Putin is losing and will one day pay the consequences.