Saturday, 30 April 2022

IPSOS: A Parallel Universe.

My God, what a pathetic joke: do I ever feel sorry for my candidate, Jean Charest and our supporters. Most Canadians expect Poilievre to win with Charest not even dominating in our home province among CPC members and supporters.

Granted I'm biased but from where I'm sitting, I can't imagine Pierre beating Trudeau. Not on your life. Even Charest would have an uphill battle. I think Team Charest already know it's over for all practical purposes -- there's no way in hell that we'll sell more memberships than Pierre, period.

I repeatedly urged my team to wrap up a deal with Leslyn but I don't see any signs of that happening. So...unless a deal is reached and Leslyn can swing at least 85% of her people behind Jean, then just forget it.

I've seen this movie before with both O'Toole and before him Scheer winning the popular vote. Big fucking deal...and with Poilievre running second in Ontario, just imagine how he'll likely do in that province in the general.

Somewhere, our pathetic excuse for a prime minister is at least smirking and has reason to be. Talk about a parallel political universe leading us once again back on to the opposition benches.

Friday, 29 April 2022

John Kirby: Just Gave It Away.

John Kirby represents your average American and let's face it, most Americans down in their hearts and souls are just like Kirby, quintessential Americans.

They'll fight like hell when it comes to politics but down at marrow level, they're pretty much all decent Americans who love their country and want to do what's right and honorable. That's why the bonds that bind may bend right into a pretzel but they'll never, ever, really break. 

America may not always be Reagan's shining city on a hill but the United States is always a beacon of light for what good represents.

That's why Kirby unintentionally gave it away by breaking down over Ukraine. He showed the world what the American fabric is truly all about. Americans on their worst day are the greatest humanists and humanitarians on this planet bar none.

There's a reason why they call it the Free World, namely, America against her own initial impulses is rising to the occasion in the face of a demon seed and pure evil. The United States did it in WWI and WWII and so it shall this time. They will save democracy worldwide, just like they did twice before. And why? Because they are Americans, that's why.

Kirby gave it away, probably without realizing it. His was the reaction of the average American and sooner or later, Biden will no longer be able to take it anymore and America will finally have at it. And Thank God for that. 

May God Bless the United States of America and her people who will inevitably do her proud, because...they're Americans.

Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Come On Little Man.

I'm quaking. Nuke us. I dare you. Can you say Virginia-Class? Pray to the devil that you worship that you never find out because it'll be Bye, bye, Russia time.

Saturday, 23 April 2022


I can't help wondering how well we're doing in signing up memberships. Not my cup of tea. Anyway, are we seriously closing the gap with Team Pierre? 

And then there's the attack strategy still coming out of both camps. What does that say about memberships already sold? Hope we've sold more than Brown has.

It's no news to anyone that I'm all in for the Wynne strategy: so, who logically bends into whose wind and what's the political price if and when we form government? E-X-A-C-T-L-Y.

I'm already giving my two cents to those who care to hear it.

The Fed: Damned If They Do AND If They Don't.

On my best day, I'm at the very least a Federal Reserve blood enemy: how I positively loathe their persistent lack of political accountability, not to mention successive presidents and congressional leadership who go out of their way to let them be.

These serial incompetents have done what The Fed has mostly always done: destroyed an otherwise healthy American economy. In this instance, via the economic insanity of QE, that mother of all inflation creation machines. They're quite literally hollowing out the middle class, not to mention decimating the poor.

Meanwhile, these paragons of sound economics and monetary policy profit continuously by being in the market that they themselves quite deliberately inflated via QE. Beyond despicable while the bought and paid for in DC ever conveniently look the other way.

So human abject misery begins with them as their digital money creating machine sends inflation spiraling out of control. It ain't at a bullshit 9%, it's more like at 15 to 20%.

This is where Fed damnation begins: they can panic and hike rates with a series of at least 75 basis point rises, or they can start and then suddenly chicken out and reverse course. You know, those upcoming midterms.

Option One throws an already fragile economy into official recession with the 10 year yield spiking up precipitously.  That means above 3% at minimum. Not good. Guess what, it'll sink the bond market and then down goes the rest.

Contrast that with chickening out, which they'll do, again for political reasons. You know, those midterms.

Breaking the back of inflation always means raising rates above the inflation rate. That's why Volcker went to 18%. There's no way Powell and company will do that here. No fucking way.

So, inflation is on-board for the duration as it continues to steadily rise. When it finally naturally begins to abate, not anytime soon, in will come a  deflationary bust that'll make 1929 look like a pleasant walk in the park.

In short, they goosed markets to make themselves a lot richer while destroying pretty much everyone else. Damned if they do and if they don't. Put another way, there's no possible good outcomes thanks to the collective incompetence of those chaletans at The Fed. After all, faking it till they don't make it is their only stock in trade...


Ukraine: Mass Graves And Dead Russian Oligarchs.

Our political cowards need to wake up and smell the coffee: we in the West and NATO can fight Russia now, which I'm calling for, or inevitably fight Putin later. Because make no mistake, Putin will stop at nothing and that means directly attacking any country he chooses -- NATO member or not. 

WWIII with Putin's Russia should come sooner rather than further down the road. And all of us who happen to be sentient know who will win and that country's name will never, ever, be Russia.

Saturday, 16 April 2022

How Much More Does Ukraine Have To Take Before NATO And The West Finally Say Uncle?

My God, watching this horror on our screens, day in and day out is almost more than I can take. One wonders what our politicians are made of. Human decency is crying out for direct military intervention from at least NATO and yet our cowardly politicians dither as ever increasing numbers of civilians die, men, women and children.

So, like I've said before, I'm for WWIII and I want it yesterday. In my book, I'd rather we all get blown to hell on this planet in the service of good and what is driven by humanism than to apply a collective policy of partial appeasement, because make no mistake, that's exactly what we're doing.

Anyone with functional brain cells knows that we're going to be all in in the end. Better that it come quickly on our terms than on Putin's.

It will be a great day for humanity when Putin is ultimately held accountable in The Hague. He'll swing and have absolutely no one else to blame other than himself. He quite deliberately chose to act like a sociopath and so, may he live with the appropriate legal and political consequences. Putin is the next Hussein and he already knows it.

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Charest And Those Truckers.

Regular readers know where I stand on the so-called truckers and the freedom convoy.

Charest has made his position clear vis-à-vis Poilievre's support of that effort.

I would strongly urge Team Charest not to go there as there is a very effective response that negates that charge. Fortunately, nobody but me knows what it is and quite obviously, I won't be telling. LOL.

Saturday, 9 April 2022

Ukraine: BOJO Leads While Biden Follows.

There have been at least three other high profile political visitors in Kyiv and all of them are to be commended for going there.

But as predicted, no one has outdone Johnson. What guts! Walking the streets of Kyiv with Zelenskyy. Wow, what courage, especially given the fact that war is the operating theatre for double and triple agents. Both of them could quite literally have gotten plugged but thank God they didn't.

Meanwhile, the dolts around Biden won't let him go to Ukraine. That makes him a follower instead of a leader.

So God bless Boris and may he have the wisdom and decency to finally get all of NATO directly into this war. Then and only then we can finally clean Putin's clock and put him in the ICC dock. 

Housakos: Is This All He's Got?

 Talking about missing the mark, it looks like Housakos is now Poili√®vre's Agnew. Interesting.

But the thing is, he takes on Charest for respecting provincial jurisdiction and respecting the wishes of people in his province. Strange, I thought in Canada and particularly in the West that fellow Canadians were big on provincial jurisdiction and the premiers who decide what's what.

Housakos attempts to lump in Charest with the Trudeau Liberals. What a laugh! Where's his proof? Exactly.

Quebec has a carbon tax and funny eh, most Canadians favour either a tax, capture and storage or carbon credits. That's MOST Canadians. Housakos seems to have missed that.

Housakos doesn't like gun registeration -- another policy that most Canadians support. The argument is only about how and at what government level. Again, Housakos also has missed that.

And my God, Charest raised taxes during an economic crisis. What a radical progressive...after all no other federal, provincial or territorial government has ever done that to bring in new revenue streams.

And finally, what about Housakos' political judgment? Who again did he support in the last leadership race and even broke Senate rules to do it? Oh, right. Now that was bang on, wasn't it.

Thursday, 7 April 2022

Ukraine: Portable Crematoriums.

Well, all of you know what that means -- Putin will stop at nothing to win. The message is clear to the troops, there are no rules, no conventions of war, it's all out inhumanity to man with no holds barred. Period.

What does that tell you? First and foremost that the civilian dead are at least in the tens of thousands hence the mad rush to destroy evidence, read bodies and cover up what in the final analysis can never be fully covered up.

So, the game plan is to quite literally stop at nothing and that means war crimes and crimes against humanity that will rival what the Nazis did.

Putin is now a cornered animal who can't win this war. I know it, you know it and so does The Kremlin. 

That means nothing is off the table to try and reverse a losing trend on the battlefield that can't and won't be reversed.

To survive, Putin has to cut off NATO resupply. So look not only at his increased adventures in the east but also the west. The more desperate Russian forces become, the more likely Poland will be attacked and then we're all in for better or worse.

Russian command and control on the ground has to know that the war is already lost and that The Hague is keeping score. That leaves local commanders with a choice: they can defy Moscow in theatre or collectively swing further down the road.

History reminds us of two separate events where mid-level Soviet officers prevented a nuclear exchange with the United States in the 1960s and 1980s.

That should be Putin's biggest fear. Will officers and men ultimately turn on him? Laughing it off are you? Well maybe, just maybe, you should ask the Tsar.

Saturday, 2 April 2022

How Putin Problem Solves The World Right Into World War III.

Across the worldwide geopolitical community, there's an intense debate raging about what Putin actually knows of what is going on on the ground in Ukraine. Some argue that he's fully briefed while others insist that things are quite deliberately being kept from him. Personally, I agree with the former concluding that Putin is about as hands-on as you can get -- you can tell that by the ferocious and inhumane effort made by Russian forces. You know, anything goes even attacking fleeing civilians.

In short, Ukraine is well on its way to being Putin's disaster. That's what's in the making and Putin  can see the writing on the wall. He knows ahead of time that opening up yet another front in this war by invading Moldova next won't cut the mustard. Putin probably instinctively knows that Moldova is the next Ukraine where at best his forces will become bogged down and entrenched. In short, a mini-Ukraine. short, what can Putin do to turn the tide? As Russian forces become increasingly more desperate in Ukraine, he only has one chance to turn the tide of reinforcements and supplies arriving from the West and that means choking off Poland. 

To do that, he needs to take on the land of The Virgin Mary, Queen of Poland. And so he ultimately shall and that will finally mean an enlarged conflict with all of NATO. From there, it will be all downhill until Russia is invaded and effectively defeated, or the powers that be in The Kremlin save themselves by solving their own problem with Putin. Putin is almost invincible as long as he's WINNING. Once he's not and his armies are in stalemate, retreat or subject to defeat, then Putin's days are effectively numbered and nobody in Russia knows that better than Vladimir Putin himself.


Friday, 1 April 2022

Churchill Channeling On Ukraine.

"You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else."

The quicker that NATO joins this war, the better. It's good versus evil time: hospitals, seniors' residences, apartments, kindergartens, schools, theatres, etc.

The noose awaits at The Hague for war crimes and crimes against humanity. I'm counting the weeks and months to that glorious day.