Monday, 31 January 2022

A Third Of Caucus Turns On O'Toole.

Thank God. Bring on the early leadership review if O'Toole doesn't resign quickly.

Saturday, 29 January 2022

Stupid O'Toole...

Well, what about it? Did O'Toole meet with trucker leaders? You know, those truckers who did not, at the very least, punch out those demon seeds carrying the Stars and Bars and worse yet, Nazis flags!

So, what do the two sad sacks have to say about those two evil doozys? Come on Bernier and O'Toole, what exactly is your read on those disgusting and truly evil spectacles?

So far, that thundering and roaring sound you hear is not truck engines -- it's called fucking crickets.

Evil is as evil does, period. Guess even Bernier and O'Toole are smart enough not to want to have anything further to do with that? Again, so far, crickets.

This is way beyond a red line in the sand. This is Canada and it's our duty to have nothing to do with Nazi scum or racist demon seeds.

Wake up you gullible morons. Evil is royally playing you. Truckers, do something about it and do it yesterday, otherwise you are no better than those devil worshippers.

Saturday, 22 January 2022

Ukraine: Why It Means War With NATO.

Totalitarian despots tend to see themselves as military geniuses of the highest order -- just think of Hitler in Russia -- but they're far from it. Putin is no exception and will fatally miscalculate from the get-go.

A Ukraine invasion is no longer an if, it's now an almost inevitable when. Here's why. Putin wants Ukraine out of the western orbit and he wants that yesterday. He knows that can no longer be accomplished politically by the vote so military action is his only option.

Here's my take: when it comes, it will be a Blitzkrieg attack on three fronts: forces crossing into Ukraine from Russia, Belarus and Crimea. They will likely attempt a pincer movement to quickly overrun Kyiv.

An easy enough in but probably with an unexpected number of Russian conscript casualties. Putin thinks he has Biden on the run politically, and he's right but that's not seeing the forest for the trees.

That's not the real deal. Since 2020, Ukraine is a NATO Enhanced Opportunities Partner and that's big news. When military push back comes from the West, the UK will take the lead given the especially close relations between London and Kyiv.

After all, it's MI6 who broke the news of the puppet players Russia plans to install in office once Ukraine has been taken.

It's no coincidence that Britain has already sent anti-tank weapons while the United States limits itself to ammunition. 

In the end, it's London that will call all the shots in the defensive response and just like in two world wars, America will inevitably follow with the rest of NATO bringing up the rear.

So...Putin better be careful what he plans for: a quick win on the ground will sooner or later turn into the Russian invasion of Afghanistan and we all know how that one ended for The Kremlin.

How ironic will it be for him when Putin's misadventures in Ukraine ultimately lead to his political demise in Mockba.

You read it here first.

Saturday, 15 January 2022

CNN: Will Biden Bounce Back?

OK, let's take this one on what with both Biden and Harris' numbers tanking badly. First off, 22 is a mid-term election, which by its very nature, is more often than not a PROTEST vote. Translation: that means voters are largely dissatisfied with how it went and opt for the opposing party. That likely means Democrats losing many House seats and probably Senate control. No mystery there, just a traditional track record.

Now to Biden. Remember how in the campaign Biden was supposed to be a one-term president? Exactly...Lord Acton got it right at the individual level meaning that once in power, the average Joe suddenly grows into the idea of a solid eight years. So, right out of the blocks and looking to 24, Biden is no LBJ.

Just look at the historic track record of other presidents who were exactly where Biden is now in their first year in office and then got re-elected as chief executive. Think Reagan, Clinton and Obama. With that in mind, I don't expect Biden to create an opening.

Then there's the WSJ Schoen and Stein piece: you know, Hill's third run for the presidency with Bill cheering her on. Well, let's get it out there that Hillary and Bill make Machiavelli look like a rank amateur -- I mean, look up prepositioning in the dictionary and you'll find WJC and HRC. That's just the nature of the beast, looking for a leveraged opportunity.

Sure, the Dems have tacked left under Biden and that's been met with mixed reviews, to put it kindly. But being Bernie and AOC-lite ain't exactly like a political death sentence. Much depends on the economy which will dictate the incumbent's faith, perhaps à la Carter and perhaps not. Right now, the economy continues to tank while hiring goes up. Talk about a bifurcation and God only knows how it'll break in the voting booths.

The Clintons already have two problems coupled with a tremendous asset: they're unabashedly centrist and that will move the needle but HRC is also yesterday's news, just like Trump. Right now, both are convinced they respectively are a lead-pipe cinch for a huge political comeback. Maybe, maybe not.

Is the United States really thirsting for retreads on both the left and right? Independents will likely get to decide. And then there's the elephant in the room that Albright positively nailed: women, or at least a considerable number of them, going out of their way to vote Republican to deny Hillary the prize. My late Mom used to refer to that subsection and type as "catty bitches" and trust me, there are plenty of them around, yes, even in 2022. 

Take from all of the above that  HRC is no EMK -- she won't be challenging Biden any time soon. Now, if Biden clears the decks, then it's a go but not being nice with the White House isn't a solid political strategy. That, at the very least, gets Biden's back up and makes him ready for battle. Hill should know better. 

In my world, America is continually evolving and mostly for the better. Why should politics be any different? To Democrats I say, find younger, centrist, principled leadership and to Republicans, get your heads examined if you're still hard-core for Trump. 2024: in a nutshell, a political adventure with a reliable outcome almost no one can predict.

May God bless the United States of America!



Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Quebec Anti-Vax Tax: Risky.

Well, you've got to give Legault A+ for political balls because this thing is double-edged risky. It could quite literally get the CAQ re-elected in the biggest political landslide in Quebec history, or if not handled right, do the reverse.

First off, it's legal and entirely within provincial jurisdiction. But will the tax be equitable and will it be on an income sliding scale? Sure, unvaccinated people come at roughly the same cost to the health sector but what happens if or when someone can't pay via the tax return?

In addition, what role will the Charters pay? We have two of them. So, it's potentially somewhat akin to cutting off your nose despite your face.

But it's 100% gutsy and breaks the 100% safe mould that is the standard boilerplate of most governments. Some will argue that the same thing could be done by imposing vaccine passports across the board, you know, where you can't leave your home without being at least partially vaccinated. They have a point. But then again, nothing better concentrates the mind than being hit in the wallet. So, the principle is sound but is probably being implemented at the wrong end of the horse -- why not simply levy the tax after the fact, on those who are unvaccinated and have already gone through the health system? But then again, that doesn't do one iota to steady or even reduce the inflow of patients into hospitals...

So, maybe just maybe, Legault has finally run out of options and that's why this is a go and probably should and must be a go.

Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Thank You, Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

I can't let this day come to a close without thanking The Right Honourable Stephen Harper for sending out an e-mail to help The Honourable Peter MacKay retire his leadership race debt.

Too bad our current party leader doesn't have that much humanity or innate modesty.

I humbly ask all of you who can to please help Peter finally retire his leadership debt. Kindly join me in this effort. I will do my share again this year. Thank you very much!

Saturday, 8 January 2022

Unvaccinated Libertarians...

Give your heads a shake for Christ's first it was merely damningly inconvenient to see elective surgeries cancelled across the globe but we're now long past that -- with people DYING became of these narcissistic idiots! 

The hospitals are so crowded with unvaccinated oafs that cancer and heart disease surgeries are being put off or cancelled. So, thank you so much you assholes for killing those people by ricochet. 

Happy now?

Thursday, 6 January 2022

From Over At Kinsella's To Dr. Douglas Kinsella.

Just left and it put me in a mood for further writing on divinity, so here's my two cents for whatever it's worth: it begins with the wise words of Douglas Kinsella, M.D. Kinsella told his three sons to love people. I would add, treat people the way you'd like to be treated.

Mine is a world where I embrace a supreme being known to me as God. He, she or it reflects humanity's best possibilities, options and ultimate outcomes.

My God is a loving and teaching God, never a cruel or vengeful one. My God loves all of us, despite ourselves.

My God provides the individual white board but doesn't keep score. In fact, from Day One to the day we breathe our last, we dutifully provide the Os and Xs -- we, and no one else, make our post-Earth bed. For those of us who have not a shred of doubt about a heaven and a hell, we, individually, put ourselves there as God either rejoices or weeps for us.

In the end, action or inaction inevitably has consequences both on this planet but most especially in the after-life. If only we thought more of that with each passing day.

So...that's my view of divinity, right or wrong. Make your own luck in the here and now and strive to put your best foot forward. That can only make this world a better place and each of us a far better person. Enrich humanity and watch it thrive and grow beyond worldly measure.

The best is yet to come for future generations with each one leaving Earth a far better place than the way they found it. And Thank God for that.

O'Toole, Resign.


The Canadian Press:

OTTAWA — "Canadians unwilling to be vaccinated against COVID-19 should be accommodated through measures like rapid testing, Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole said Thursday as health experts warned the lightning-fast spread of the Omicron variant threatens to overwhelm hospitals."

O'Toole isn't right in the head if he thinks ANYONE should accommodate the unvaccinated unless they have a legitimate medical exemption, period.

Like all Canadians, I have an iron-clad right to stay alive and not have my health, well being and psychological equilibrium destroyed by transmission of COVID-19 from a quite deliberately unvaccinated person. NO ONE has a right to transmit COVID-19 to another person. The vaccinated and boosted actually care about others -- that's why they got vaccinated in the first place. Sadly, if they transmit COVID-19, it will be against their will and after having taken all the precautions humanly possible thus far known to medicine and science. 

The unvaccinated are classic narcissists who each only care about the health and well being of three people: ME, MYSELF & I. Never, ever, acceptable.

And any politician who plays to those reckless fools is a greater fool than all of them put together. 

" The Conservative leader said he refuses to criticize people who aren't vaccinated and believes "reasonable accommodations" should be provided to people like truck drivers to avoid service disruptions and exacerbating supply chain challenges."

OK, Erin so back your bullshit: get in the truck with an unvaccinated driver and stay with him in the cab for at least an entire week. You will certainly be accommodating him. You could even do some of the driving...provided you haven't dropped dead first from COVID-19 transmitted by your smiling partner in the driver's seat.

Talk about failed leadership. I truly feel sorry for the party, caucus, its members and supporters. What a poor excuse for leader. This is where I get off supporting this guy.

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Make No Mistake!

It's still the Trump Party. They may call it Republican but it long ago ceased to be that -- what with every supporters and his or her dog and cat still pledging fealty to the former President.

A case in point: Perdue's primary challenge against Kemp. Incumbency only gets you so far, and not necessarily over the threshold. 

I'm betting that Perdue takes it in a run. And then there's the matter of Cheney's challenger also endorsed by Trump. Wyoming is pretty much Cheney country so Hageman might need divine intervention in her run.

The other thing to watch is what's left of moderate Republicans in the House. They're making noises about splitting the party and decamping post-2022 but hey, I'll actually believe that one when I see it.

So...short of President Trump suddenly dropping dead or hitting the slammer, he's still got some pretty damned good odds.

Presidents Obama and Trump both lost plenty of seats in their respective mid-terms. Right now, President Biden could quite conceivably do even worse. It's all about legislative output and if Biden blows the BBBA, along with the John Lewis and the other Voting Rights bill, Biden is likely done for in 2024.

Love him or loathe him, Trump's solidly on track to get the last laugh come November.