Friday, 31 December 2021

2022: Reflexions.

Strangely, what's top of mind is sadness at both Prince Philip and Betty White not having made it. Seems so unjust and unfair but that's the world we live in.

Next comes resolutions: in short, Ron, try harder. There is so much that regretfully remains undone and unsaid. If only I had a crystal ball. 

Strive in 2022 to be more authentic, honest and even more human. Take people at face value, not as you would wish them to be.

Remember that one of God's most precious gifts is the emotional power to heal. Do it for yourself and especially so for others.

Meet people half way and build bridges to personal and professional success.

Finally, grow up even more and find the good where you mind only sees the negative -- you came into 21 guarded as hell -- try to start the new year with kindness, warmth and the benefit of the doubt for all those who cross your path.

O'Dowd, suck it up and be a better person than before and thank God for the continued precious gift of life.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, 25 December 2021

BBBA Roulette.

Well, I guess this is what you get when moderates break their word to progressives...remember how both bills were supposed to pass together? Not. Then they ran into the Senate train wreck otherwise known as Manchin. I can't possibly get a better laugh when I hear endless media referring to Manchin as a moderate. Right. The guy is a conservative Democrat and quite frankly, is anyone actually surprised that Manchin killed BBBA?

Now, let's fast forward to the blame game. Put another way, who gets to be toast in 22? Here are a few scenarios:

a) start with conventional wisdom that ALREADY has Democrats losing the Senate and probably the House. Could happen if Democrats are seen as inept;

b) the next possibility is that both McCarthy and McConnell being seen as the latest Republican incarnations of Doctor No -- if it lives, breathes, moves or is a positive, reflexively block it and refuse to cast a vote in favour of anything;

c) voters focus on the dead benefits in BBBA and punish Republicans for having been against it in the first place when it had solid support in polls across party lines;

d) and then this long-shot: independents vote for Democrats because they want a voting margin to assure passage post-2022.

Normally, I would give Democrats the edge in 2022 because people are really hurting in the COVID-19 economy and need further aid and relief. Logical enough.

But part of the reason Biden is so personally unpopular is because of inflation and its effects on the average American family. Biden is seen as having done nothing to reduce inflation or even keep it in check. He quite literally slapped every American in the face when he re-nominated Powell. terms of the voting booth, it's all about family economy and personal well being and that translates in this inflationary environment into Dems taking a bath if inflation stays in the picture.

Put another way, Repubs don't need Trump to win big. All they need is for Biden to continue losing big on so many fronts.

If this continues, the inflation machine will destroy the Biden re-election machine even before that effort gets out of the blocks.

(This assumes that the 22 mid-terms aren't primarily based on abortion and women's view of same and its state-level restrictions across party lines.)

Tuesday, 21 December 2021

COVID-19: The Who.

People generally can't seem to get their heads around COVID-19, expecting after the initial wave to see a return to normal. Hasn't happened after four waves and won't this time what with Omicron and Delta continuing to wreak havoc across the globe.

From the beginning I suspected Level 4 lab involvement of some sort but found proof wanting. Even WHO, the CDC and other agencies stuck to the wet market official line.

Almost two years later and tit for tat accusations are starting to surface but only in classified settings or on the internet margins: the first scenario passes the buck to JSDCMC operatives while another theory implicates the CIA. 

The story goes that on orders from the highest level glass ampoules were smashed in the Wuhan Wet Market. But will we ever know? Not a chance. 

If COVID-19 does in fact have a human component that would put it way past a genocide -- it would rank above all else as a crime against humanity. It would also be regarded as a quite deliberate act of war were a nation-state culprit ever disclosed.

So, what has humanity learned? First and foremost that the next WW, should it come about will primarily be based on the wide dispersion of biological agents. Like it or not, COVID-19 serves as an invaluable template and teacher for war colleges everywhere.

As tragic as the deaths are, they pale in comparison with the lack of accountability. This is the new and semi-permanent normal. In a sense, humanity should be crying out for accountability where there is none. Unfortunately, thus far, 5,385,351 souls have left this Earth with no one serving as their advocate for bringing someone or some nation-state to justice. That is likely to remain the most striking lesson of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

May God help humanity.

Saturday, 18 December 2021

Trumper Or Trumpette?

Quite remarkably, God has yet to lose patience with Trump and I don't know why. After all, he's so principled, honest and an upright citizen. You know, conning the fawning and then fleecing them for money. But hey, that's only the half of it: he laughs every night at those dolts in the RNC who happen to be paying his ever increasing legal bills. Meanwhile, only 300+ CH rioters are looking to Trump for a helping hand to pay their legal bills and what do they get? Nothing, nada, zip, not a red cent but again Trump is laughing.

It was wrong for RBG to say it from the bench but she nailed it: a faker, nothing more.  The phony-baloney ex-prez of the Republic but surprisingly enough, the suckers still want more.

But just imagine if God finally renders judgment in 2023. Think back to that infamous picture in front of the Resolute Desk -- an extremely beautiful woman in the company of two dopes, dumb and much dumber. I'll leave it to your imagination who was which.

But the Trumpette and hubby have a backup plan just in case Daddy doesn't make it. It started with that mansion move to Miami. Seasoned politicos will recognize that, it's called pre-positioning.

Remember two levels of Bushes and there you go. That should throw more than a few Trump boot-lickers in the party into a major depression. There goes any number of presidential run plans.

So, you read it here first. Time will tell. Indeed it will. But the Republican con job of the disadvantaged white masses continues: who was it who said that there are only three kinds of Repubs: billionaires, millionaires and [conned] suckers?

Thursday, 16 December 2021

Get The Damned Booster NOW!

Omicron is spiraling up exponentially across North America. Be quick about it because it could quite literally save your life.

Friday, 10 December 2021

What's Wrong With You?

Frankly, I was shocked when I saw your picture: that vacant, absolute lost look in your eyes scared the shit out of me. You looked beaten down by life and thoroughly miserable. Living a lie.

And then I thought of all those futile and wasted years of quite deliberate mask wearing. You know, fake it until you make it. Well, sorry, but you didn't and how can you lead that type of a life?

You looked like a fucking druggie. My God, get out and do it now before you destroy the little that is left of the person I love.

You have me way, way, way, beyond worried. Only YOU can do something about that.

How Can Any Of You Stomach Him Any Longer?

I mean, it was already way beyond mind-boggling before the last election. This Prime Minister's toxic combination of I know everything and couldn't care less what Canadians think, much less want.

The absolute level of smugness, pretension and sheer presumption of authority makes me want to throw up. You did this Canada. Shame on all of you pathetic enablers.

Monday, 6 December 2021

Shannon Stubbs.

Now, this is interesting: the mostly anonymous say she's another Payette while those working for her either presently or recently say Stubbs is great.

So...which is it? Erin wants the House to take a look at this. Meanwhile, so far, Stuubs is the only MP who wants O'Toole's leadership reviewed sooner rather than later.

All I can say, to use a Harperism, is what an interesting coincidence!

Sure, the full story will come out eventually. For the sake of his leadership, Erin's version better make him shine. Or else, trouble lies ahead.

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Why Republicans Are Almost Always Inevitably Morons.

Republicans, by and large, seemingly never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity...

They had things shaping up nicely for 2022 and then came along the dumb clucks in Mississippi: you know, the state abortion law that effectively bans abortions after 15 weeks with no exceptions.

It's being argued right now before The United States Supreme Court and that has pro-choice supporters worried in disgust.

But back to the dumb asses: like I said, Republicans in DC are now poised to take the Senate in 22 and maybe even the House. And yes, perhaps the presidency two years later.

But this frontal attack on choice and abortion rights is more than likely about to become the Republicans' Waterloo.

Most women stick together -- even some who are pro-life -- when other women's access to safe and legal abortion is threatened, or worse yet, reigned in.

So, expect an avalanche of women voters in 22 and an even bigger tsunami of new female voters as well.

Translation: DC Republicans will get slaughtered and will receive the licking of a life time. Women have the ballot box power and they'll use it, so God help any Republicans who stand between a woman and her right to a safe and legal abortion.

So much for the efforts of those suffering from male penile inadequacy. They will get the lesson of their very lives in the midterms. Count on it.