Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Jesus Christ!

I'll tell you right now that I won't sleep a wink tonight after that one. That Trump performance was barely human. It was way beyond scorched earth -- it was live and in colour a one-sided dog eat dog slug fest. There are no words in the dictionary to describe how despicable that was  -- it went way beyond the Atwater type question about the theoretical rape and murder of Kitty Dukakis and capital punishment. That was a knock-out blow. This is a DOA body blow but it is recoverable.

Remember that the Trump game plan is always about everyone else being weak and a liar, not just Justin Trudeau. Tonight, Biden held his own but that wasn't nearly good enough, so Biden looks weak, as the Republican narrative will go.

There are a lot of people out there who hate Trump's guts and are looking for any reason to hang their hat on to vote for Biden. Biden totally failed at that tonight. Make no mistake, Trump won zero votes tonight with that performance but that ain't what counts! What DOES, is that Biden probably didn't win a single vote tonight based on his performance.

The Trump war room has broken new ground tonight -- they made McCarthy look like a decent fellow. That piece of shit performance was way beyond pure gold.

In short, Biden has no choice but to show up for the other two debates and he has to be the biggest piece of shit ever seen on a debate stage to win. He has to outdo Trump and destroy him on stage. Otherwise, people stay at home and that fucker Trump wins again.

This is a new debate paradigm not worthy of any human being and Biden better master it nice and fast unless he wants to witness another four long, agonizing years of Trump in the White House.

Trump's war roomers are nothing short of human excrement but they know how to win and they will, unless Biden can royally best them at their filthy but brilliant game. Hopefully, God is with Biden. He'll need him, every step of the way.

Saturday, 26 September 2020

When You've Got Them By The Balls Squeeze 'Em Until They Pop.

Look, no one can argue the point that the NDP is in this game to get results for people and everyone should be in favour of that. You may not like the cost or the nature of the program but putting people first, à la Bill Clinton, is never a bad idea.

Singh is pushing the Liberals on paid sick leave and has won at least the battle, if not the war. Trudeau's initial plan seemingly was only to cover those who were ill due to COVID-19 but the NDP has improved on that -- after negotiations it seems that the program will be far more encompassing -- but not exactly across the board. 

This is a hill that Singh was prepared to die on if a deal was not reached. We all know that the NDP is basically broke so it comes as no surprise to anyone that when the rubber hits the road that the party has no stomach for an election. With that said, Singh has a golden opportunity here to keep the Liberals' feet to the fire and to increase his demands going forward over the next three years. It's basically his job now to force the Liberals into turning this into a universal program, come hell or high water. 

What Singh has got now is apparently not global in nature nor is it permanent. That's precisely where Round Two of the ball squeezing should go. Otherwise, what's the point?

As a Red Tory, or a progressive Conservative, I could live with an NDP government. It certainly wouldn't be woe is me time and we'd all see what the NDP could deliver. Where I would have trouble would be if they turned into the next Trump -- ballooning deficits and debts to kingdom come -- that's where I'd get off the train and fast.

Then there's the other thing, you know, how polls react to Liberal-NDP deals that keep incumbent prime ministers in power. In this round, NDP fortunes were going up as the Liberals ticked down. You also saw the Conservatives gaining but that's beside the point for the purpose of this demonstration.

But the minute a deal is made, Liberals tend to rise while NDPers are subject to a drop. Put another way, why ditch the Liberals if the NDP is hell bent on acting almost like Liberals? So, there you go. In short, there comes a point where Singh and Company are either serious about being a contender for government, or they're not. That moment will ultimately come, as it almost always inevitably does in a minority parliament and the NDP will have to pull the plug. Maybe it'll be in their interest and perhaps not. But either way, when the people finally signal that they want Trudeau out, Singh and the NDP had better be on the right side of that trade. Otherwise...kaboom!


Sunday, 20 September 2020

That Moron...

Rubber bullets kill -- and have done so for decades  -- killing both adults and children. 

At the very least he'll one day get to burn in Hell. How fitting.

Why It's 2008 All Over Again And Americans Get Screwed With Relish One More Time!

In four words: The Federal Reserve System.

Established by Congress, it's a hybrid entity with the Chair and Board of Governors appointed by the President. However, the twelve regional Fed chairs are selected by nationally-chartered commercial banks who hold stock in those banks.

In short, The Fed is, from the get-go, in a self-evident conflict of interest: it caters monetary policy in its constituent members' best interest. In English, it fashions monetary policy so as not to go against the financial interests of commercial, money-center and investment banks. Voil√†!  

That's why its members can -- and literally do -- get away with financial murder. Greed is their only game and derivatives is their chosen instrument to maximize ill gotten gains.  In short, they're quite deliberately out to break the law, to game the system, to insure maximum profits for themselves and their shareholders, period.

And surprise, surprise, it wouldn't look good to send the top brass from member banks right into the slammer. So, no one heading these companies goes to jail, not in 2008 and certainly not now.

The Fed is the dutiful slave of its regional stockholders: namely, banks such as Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Bank of New York Mellon, and the topper, foreign bank entities such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Mizuho and Industrial & Commercial Bank of China.

That means the fix is in for the average American as we head down the road to a monster Depression, that will make 1929 look like a warmup. Crony capitalism is the state religion and individual Americans are its mostly silent and ever compliant suckers. All they have to say to people is, Enjoy The Ride!

Meanwhile, they and their ilk become filthy rich on the backs of your average Joe and Jane. That must truly be what Trump meant when he said he'd Make America Great Again. Right.

Monday, 14 September 2020

Why MacKay Blew It In Quebec.

Well, I imagine Peter already has a pretty good idea. If he doesn't, which would surprise me, he can always give me a call but I doubt he needs to. MacKay knows why he lost in this province.

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Why Erin O'Toole Is The Only True Antidote.

First, let's put out up front my own personal biases: I left the Liberals over SNC and their obsession with corporate patronage that they called maintaining jobs -- you know SNC, the company that actually got its employees to circuit election laws so individual contributions could be made to the Liberals -- those same contributions were then reimbursed by the company. To say that SNC was in the Liberals' corner, cheerleading their every move, is the understatement of the decade. So, I'm once again, a Conservative member and supporter.

For this Prime Minister, respect for the rule of law and ethics requirements means absolutely nothing. This PM is all about influence and catering to the interests of those who support his government and do anything they can to uplift or maintain it.

Hello, SNC, hello WE, hello how many others? This is a Prime Minister who thinks it's normal not to put circuit breakers between his own family members and perhaps even himself and the interests of his stakeholders and allies. Before Justin Trudeau, how many other PMs were known to have looked the other way as family members, or perhaps even themselves, gained financially from third-party sources that were at least lobbyists or beneficiaries of government largesse? Mulroney's troubles started after he was no longer PM. Any others?

Think about it for a moment: imagine if you had inherited a reported twelve million dollars. What would that make you other than privileged and financially secure? Same thing for your close family members. Would there in any sense be a need for outside income, either obtained directly or indirectly? Would there be a need to stifle proactive disclosure and keep a lid on the can? I don't think so.

In the final analysis, the real problem lies between this Prime Minister's ears. He finds all of the above normal as it relates to the business of governing and properly representing the Canadian people. And that's precisely why this government has to go at the earliest opportunity. 

Erin O'Toole is a person of unquestioned integrity both in politics and out. He has dutifully served his country in the military where he learned the distinction between right and wrong. O'Toole is a man who has pledged an oath to uphold the finest traditions exhibited in our country. You won't see him looking out for questionable financial interests related either to himself or his own family members. O'Toole will do what his entire career has demonstrated he has always done: put Canada first instead of last. He will uphold and cherish the dignity that is afforded the office of Prime Minister of Canada, and most importantly, he will take a broom to the stinking excesses of present and past Liberal rule. 

It's time for someone who can allow Canadians to once again look themselves squarely in the face without having to question what their Prime Minister or his close family members have been up to. It's time to divorce Canada from Justin Trudeau and Erin O'Toole is the only person capable of carrying that out. May Canadians join his cause in droves and may the political gods give him their blessing come election day.