Saturday, 30 January 2021

Marco, Cry Me A River!

Political infestations can be hardy, worrisome and relatively long-lasting. Such is the case with the Trump chaos and lunacy: guess what Marco? It seems that the newly domiciled Ivanka (and Jared) are building that there mansion in Miami, given the fact that so many people in NYC can no longer stomach them. That's no big reveal.

So, the dynamic duo are sitting it out in a condo, making big political plans. You guessed it: Ivanka is going to primary Rubio and if I was the latter, I'd start to seriously sweat just about now. Can Trump beat Rubio? Absolutely. Why? Quite simply because there is no widespread Trump repudiation, neither among his supporters nor even surprisingly, in the so-called Republican party.

You know the Republicans, either too stupid, desperate or unprincipled to take on the latest rat infestation otherwise known as That Girl. She is nothing more than an elected domestic terrorist, just like those who invaded Capitol Hill and they all deserve a speedy trial and if convicted, a long stretch in the slammer. In the good old days, they used firing squads for traitors. But most governments are far more civilized now.

May God continue to bless the United States of America and may she continue to effectively deal with domestic terrorists, post Timothy McVeigh.

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Biden...At Last.

This will be my shortest post ever: Thank God and may he bless The United States of America.

Sunday, 17 January 2021

Apparently, We've Got No Interest In Trump Conservatives Or Their Methods.

I'll say one thing right off the bat: if O'Toole and the party establishment are really of that mind, then it's one hell of a gutsy move. Even in my small CPC world, I happen to have friends who are pro-Trump, even after everything. I wonder just how much of the membership really thinks that way -- Bergen MAGA hat, or no MAGA hat.

Obviously, as a longstanding and permanent progressive conservative, I'm more than delighted if what appeared in The Star is accurate: I'm thoroughly in the RBG column having long ago branded Trump as both a phoney and a faker.

However, didn't see his dictatorial tendencies coming which now are for all to see. Frankly, I'm even amazed that they won't actually have to drag him out of The White House, especially after the Trump-provoked insurgency on Capitol Hill. But I digress.

I've always maintained that O'Toole or MacKay were basically two sides of the same coin. I went with Peter because I know him slightly and in my book, he was comfortable with the Mulroney side of the party. (Of course, not the money in little packets side. LOL.)

I think that Erin's instincts are correct that everyone in the party is deserving of a voice and respect from all. You don't have to agree with them -- or even make policy based on their positions but they are first-class party members just like the rest of us.

Where I draw the line is on the various Proud You-Know-What-Incarnations. They are just fascists under another convenient cloak and I've got absolutely no time for those types. Nor should the CPC.

So, I'm on board for the long haul come what may. I support the leader and the good news is that he doesn't get under my skin like the last two. Basically, with Harper it was no-go from the moment he became Alliance leader and that never changed. Scheer was way out of his depth on Day One but hey, even I, if then a member, would have enthusiastically supported him just to get the maximum dividend possible, you know, keeping You Know Who out.

In the end, it boils down to this: a highly strategic and middle-class focused O'Toole beats a Trudeau one, stuck with far more negative baggage than is good for him, or his re-election chances. Like I said during my ten years of Liberal membership, I supported Marc Garneau for leader. That says it all, I think. I see Marc got a well-deserved promotion and I couldn't be happier. Bonne chance! But once again, I digress.

Thursday, 14 January 2021

45 Stiffs Rudy!

Giuliani: the latest sap to reportedly get TheRoyTreatmentTM. I'm practically having an orgasm just thinking about it. Way beyond too funny.

It's not like Rudy didn't already have enough problems: just ask the NY Bar...

Trump is known far and wide for an apparent inability to settle selected bills. Like I said, just ask Cohn, if you could.

There's something deliciously ironic in watching Trump's Rome rapidly going down in flames. You'll remember when the best of the rats worried out loud about never, ever, getting a comm or media gig once the Trump Farce inevitably sunk? Well, there you go.

It's all finally being thoroughly flushed down the dumper as Trump goes out not with a bang, much less a whimper. Fitting that. You know what they say about them chickens. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, that veritable Prince among all those legions of Guinness record-setting incredibly gullible Republicans. To use the term highly useful idiots is to discredit it. Anyway, what's left to say, other than...see you in the funny papers!

Sunday, 10 January 2021

Impeachment II: Be Very Careful What You Wish For.

First off, here's my take on Impeachment: did Trump obstruct justice related to the activities covered by Mueller? Absolutely. Was the Georgia phone call an attempt at criminal conspiracy? No doubt. What about infiltrating the Capitol? Was it sedition or treason? Maybe it meets the conditions for sedition but in my book it was treasonous. 

But was all this sufficient motive for Impeachment II? Legally, probably but politically no way. I say No in light of the Capitol Hill infiltration. Trump lit that spark and in his last speech already telegraphed that he's likely running again in 2024. If Trump is convicted at trial in the Senate, he can't run again for president or any other political office. 

That's when it becomes seeing the forest for the trees. It's easy and highly pleasurable to contemplate a new reality where Trump would be barred from holding future political office but what happens after that? Does Trump light another spark that quickly degenerates into violence across the United States? THAT'S called lighting the fuse to Civil War II and frankly, Trump is not worth it for most progressives, moderates and even some conservatives.

So, Pelosi will triumph in the House and Trump will be impeached again. When it finally hits the newly Democratic-controlled Senate, I hope to God they acquit. Otherwise, this impending civil war will make the last one look like a minor skirmish. And Americans are likely to die in the hundreds of thousands. Like I said, Trump is not worth it. Move on, and instead move heaven and earth on the ground to make Trump irrelevant politically. In 2021, that's the greatest gift Americans can give to their country.

Saturday, 9 January 2021

RNC: Collectively They Need To Seek Mental Health Therapy...

They've shown themselves to be a bunch of crazy fuckers. I mean, who in their right mind would confirm 45 as the ongoing head of the Republican party????????????????????????????????????????

It's way beyond deranged. Don't they know that the solid party base is about 45%? And you don't win elections with that. Shouldn't it be for Republican legislators nationally to choose an interim leader until the next election cycle?

That'll cost them a lot of votes in the next election for president. What they need to do is burn down the Trump Party pronto and get back to the GOP. Nothing else will do for them to be significantly politically relevant.

And now to the great debate: the 25th Amendment vs. Impeachment II: I wonder if either alternative has the "votes". Right now, I don't see a majority of what is left of Trump's cabinet doing that. Pence is against it and no doubt has sounded out his colleagues before going public. As for Impeachment II, no problem in the House but the Senate is another kettle of fish: with the incoming Democratic majority, it could pass but my sense of it is that the country just wants to get this nightmare behind it. They don't want to see impeachment distracting from the Biden agenda. So, I don't see a conviction even under this scenario.

But I do like this wrinkle: were Trump convicted at Senate trial, he would be ineligible to hold national office ever again and that would be a blessing from God.

And the other thing is, I worry about Biden's safety going forward. These people are dangerously charged up and it only takes one person to do something horrible. Hopefully, the United States can begin to heal in the coming days and months. Please pray for your country and remember that there's a reason why America is the greatest force for good on the face of the Earth and that's because of its people. May God bless them.

Thursday, 7 January 2021

For The Love Of God Nanc, Say It Isn't So.

Is it just me or are any of you totally in disbelief following Pelosi's call for Trump's removal? To start with, that's already a tall order trying to get his cabinet on board not to mention generating strong bipartisan support across the aisle in both Congressional Houses.

It's not like Nancy arrived in DC last week...didn't it occur to her that the moment she fronted this and called for 45's removal that momentum would fade like air going out of a balloon? Talk about the wrong approach, to put it mildly.

So right now, I don't see it. The only thing worse than Pelosi coming out four-square for this is if AOC was leading the charge. That would kill it in a New York minute.

It ain't dead in the water just yet but it's fading fast. Politicos had a chance to get it off the ground but Pelosi's public statement has ruined that.

That means putting up with you know who, if you can bear it, right up until the stroke of noon on that fateful day.

The only good thing that came out of all this was Pence. The VEEP will be well remembered by history, to say the very least. Meanwhile, that intense sobbing you hear is coming from Ivanka. So much for the Trump presidential dynasty.

After these sad events, Pence has got it practically in the bag for 2024. More tears? Must be Cruz and Hawley finally clueing in.


Sunday, 3 January 2021

Hummmm, The Tape.

Sounds like criminal conspiracy to me. But then I'm not an American lawyer. And you know, all those people in the room who did not denounce this or storm out after the call -- much less resign...if it walks like a duck, if it squawks like a duck... 

So, fun times ahead for President of the United States, especially after January 20th. Once again Donald J. Trump proves once again that he just isn't that swift. He better be mighty nice to the incoming president. Trump might just need Biden further down the road.

Traitors, Pure And Simple?

If Donald J. Trump had been legitimately re-elected as President of the United States -- which he WASN'T -- despite all the lies and misrepresented facts presented, I would refer to some Senate and House Democrats as traitors IF they did not certify the election result, period.

But it ain't Democrats doing it, is's Republicans and fortunately only a minority of Republicans and they're acting like traitors to the United States. They also happen to be political morons who will be held totally accountable by history as having ignited the match that set off the Second American Civil War. If I was Biden, I wouldn't dictator-style, send them to trial and then shoot them -- no sir, I would watch while they were likely charged with sedition, and if convicted, they could reflect on their actions until the day they die.

So, to those Republicans, just keep it up, arm yourselves and watch how fellow Americans go berserk on both sides and start killing each other. Cause it's  a coming unless your average American actually thinks it's not right to start shooting the other side's civilians, you know, men, women and children.

Those of you who aren't brain-dead will acknowledge that you're Americans first, last and always. Those of you who really believe that will not light the civil war match or actively participate in it. Hopefully, for the greatest nation on the face of the Earth, that means most Republicans and most Democrats. So, if you see someone trying to light the fuse on another civil war, call the cops, pronto.

Remember that Al Gore started this foolishness by withdrawing his concession but at least he ultimately and correctly accepted Bush as President-Elect. It's up to Trump Republicans to accept the democratic result and application of the rule of law. Otherwise, load up on your ammo, kiss your family members goodbye and let the shooting begin?!... it appears potential fools, could come in both Democrat and Republican personifications. God help the United States if that happens. 

Friday, 1 January 2021

2021: Is This Finally The Year?

Playing games rarely gets you anywhere. Sure, you can send your emissary not with a message but more to hypocritically probe for answers. Trouble is, at least for you, is that I saw it coming from the very first minute. OK, you want to play games? So let's play them but remember that neither your emissary or even yourself are in my league. Too bad that. LOL.

Of course, you aren't any better when it comes to face to face encounters. There you are in all your splendor in serial denial and without the ability to even come up with a genuine and honest hello. Your actions speak volumes but not in your favour.

You didn't get it when you made those phone calls full of silence at the end of the line. You didn't get it as you rushed out of restaurants and banks in total denial of the obvious: yes, he comes up only as a poor second in your heart and nothing he does will ever have a hope of changing that.

You'd rather live in a phoney world of emotional and financial codependency than face your demons and start by being honest with yourself first, not to mention others.

So, is 2021 the year when you grow up and deal with your emotional reality? Is this the year when you finally fully embrace your authentic self, or do you prefer to continue living a lie for status, position, flash and above all else, to satisfy your giant ego and sense of over-inflated pride?

How about trying to effectively deal with your well repressed reality? Stop lying to yourself first and foremost and then do something about it.

Like I said, where is your authentic self? Meanwhile, you know me well enough to know that I remain Monsieur Miroir: as always, what you put out in front of the mirror is exactly what you'll get back. How could it be otherwise?