Thursday, 29 April 2021

Why Gunter Has Got It Wrong.

Gunter calls O'Toole a dishonest dud. In his view, O'Toole is an ever changing politician in search of power, a guy who'll say and do anything just to win. Many will argue that Mr. True Blue has morphed into someone who's barely recognizable. That's wrong, principally for two reasons: first off, today's version of O'Toole is the real McCoy, the guy who Erin always was. Secondly, seriously, what kind of party member actually fell for that Kool-Aid act in the first place? You'd have to have fallen off the turnip truck only minutes before the leadership balloting. 

However, what does trouble me is Erin's seeming inability to be comfortable with the principle of a strong team of rivals à la Lincoln. You know, people like MacKay, Poilievre, etc. That makes you wonder how comfortable O'Toole is in his own skin and how he personally views his own abilities and strengths. In short, that perception needs to change yesterday.

The other thing is, of course, staffing and strategic advice: kind of speaks for itself. In other words, to ask the question is to answer it. Unfortunately, plenty of room for marked improvement there.

Yours truly isn't looking for Round Two, you know, the good old anti-Harper days. What great memories but I digress.

I would remind Erin that he continues to be a work in progress -- very much so but who still requires at least some political massaging and moulding. Put differently, O'Toole ain't quite there just yet.

Sure, O'Toole's already leaps and bounds more genuine and fresher than the incumbent but that alone doesn't win you a majority. Gunther and a lot of others quite frankly see this as 1980 all over again but they're wrong. In fact, the real deal is 1979 where a plurality of voters couldn't stomach the old man Trudeau any longer. That's where Canada lives in 2021 with people looking for any sign of a credible reason to vote CPC. It's up to Erin to give it to them, not just default into a semi-automatic minority like Clark did.

So, in the final analysis, it's about the leader's stuffing, not the turkey. Erin still has one hell of a lot of work to do to cement a majority. By all means have at it but make sure your team can ultimately bring home the bacon otherwise this country will continue to suffer needlessly under Justin Trudeau's maladministration. The political runway is already mighty short and shrinking. I'm for giving O'Toole the benefit of the doubt and watching intently. What the leader does with time going forward will determine whether we're talking 1980, 1979 or something else. Remember Erin, your destiny is entirely in your own hands. Make the most of it, for Canada's sake.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I supported MacKay.

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Learn Not To Take Unjustified Shit From ANYONE Except For God.

Basically, I've been a first-class sucker for most of my life. You know how that goes, trying to be nice to everyone in my circle -- not making waves and avoiding confrontation. Walking around with a defuse the tension mentality.

Not anymore. Anyone now who gets in my face, particularly when it's totally unjustified, gets immediate push back and hard. I'm dealing with two of those people right now and it's going to be a memorable time for each one of them. They are doing all they can to provoke an unjustified apology after each one initiated conduct that was unacceptable. Don't hold your breath. One of them actually is on a mission to break me, one day at a time. She will be sadly disappointed. Poor Scorpio.

I've finally wised up at 60 years old. It took far more time than it should have.

Elections And An IdiotPrimeMinisterTM...

Originally posted at THE WAR ROOM,

Elections generally don’t get decided by polls. Individual guts orient voting patterns. What Zacc did in 2005 was gut wrenching, with support for the CPC going up. Ditto in 2015: Harper lost because he had quite deliberately gone gonzo-right during the majority. Again, gut wrenching for Canadians. 2021: the COVID-19 incompetence is more of the same as Canadian lives were needlessly lost because of a procurement failure. Imagine a Prime Minister who is stupid enough to make a deal with China while Meng is going through the extradition process, the Two Michaels are literally dying one day at a time in jail, in horrible conditions and this genius of a PM is actually hopelessly naive and foolish enough to think that China would honour her vaccine commitments? That says it all, Scot. Says it all. Trudeau learned absolutely nothing in the job since 2015 and it shows. It’s way beyond painful for COVID-19 victims, their families and everyday Canadians. Incompetence is the exception in the PM job but Trudeau has pulled that one off spectacularly.

Friday, 9 April 2021

Carney Blarney.

That's what I like about the Liberals, their ability to take Canadians for imbeciles with a straight face: seriously, did any Canadian not know that Carney has always been Liberal as can be? I mean, they're fooling no one.

Besides, Carney is only on-board to get the top job. He knows that the odds are at least 50-50 that the IdiotPrimeMinisterTM is about to go down in flames.

In short, it's called disingenuous pre-positioning, a Liberal specialty, especially since the Martinite days and Trudeau is nothing more than a worn out and recycled Martinite. 

But back to Carney: sure, he knows he can take Freeland without building up much of a sweat so the fix is already in. Only the two dodos can't see it: they're too busy ordering endless grease to massage those skids. Won't work though.

As usual, Liberals are all and only about power and even more importantly, keeping it. So, their best chance is with Carney.

Only the two skid greasers are clueless. Everyone else knows it's already Carney's for the asking.

Monday, 5 April 2021

Poor FawningFreelandTM...

I really feel sorry for Freeland, kinda. So...Carney's going to make the big splash at the convention. Interesting. Surely, no one from Team Freeland tried to prevent that? Right. It must be really hard to be the anointed one, only to have Carney mess up the succession plan by presuming to raise his profile in the party and with Canadians. Team Freeland must find that rather cheeky, not to mention galling. 

Of course, the rest of us are already rolling over in the aisles laughing to see her get fucked politically. She is the well deserving recipient of what Madeleine Albright said, so screw her. 

Carney, on the other hand, has to play it coy and cute. You know, sending the right signals without ruffling the precious hair. All who are even mildly sentient know how much effort Trudeau has already made to grease the skids for Freeland. Pauve Madame.

And the other thing is, why now? Maybe because Carney and Company think there's a pretty decent chance that this Prime Minister is about to blow this government right out of the water, thanks to ethics violations and COVID-19 ineptitude. 

So like I said, Freeland is surely not amused. She better get used to it cause once Trudeau loses, the race will be on, pronto, and everyone already knows that Carney will take it, likely almost in a cake-walk. Poor, Freeland, all that hard work at propping up a reasonably inept Prime Minister and likely nothing to show for it in the end. Poor, poor, Freeland.

Saturday, 3 April 2021

Trudeau: Bye, Bye, June. Hello September!

What I like about this Prime Minister is how politically stupid he is, yes, even after over five years in power. Talk about a numbskull: the polls are seemingly blasting off in his favour -- some actually putting the Liberals in medium double digit territory -- and yet, this PM wavers. And thank God for that. Nice to see him quite literally preparing his party to snatch defeat from victory's jaws. Thanks ever so much.

They blame COVID-19 and want to wait for a vaccination plurality in the fall. Right, with over 50 variants spreading in one city alone, those vaccine shots will really pave the way for Trudeau and his disciples. Tell me about it. Know another good one? Everyone else got re-elected with an improved score but fortunately for Canada, not this joke of a government.

So, great Liberal minds are already September bound but it's far from in the bag. You see, God ain't no Trudeau Liberal. He doesn't like all those Canadians who died needlessly because of Trudeau's overt familiarity with total  incompetence. And most of those families and friends are just like God. This PM needs to be held accountable for those deaths on his ledger. Trust me. He certainly will be, come this fall.

This country is exceedingly grateful to the Liberals for being morons. I thank you, Canadians thank you and no one is more pleased than Erin, because that bunch unwittingly pretty much just sealed the deal for him as prime minister!