Sunday, 22 December 2019

It's R-O-N-A Or ANOTHER Government Bust.

2019 marks the year where I detached myself from the Liberal Party, just as I did from the Conservative Party some ten years earlier.

Those of you that I've had the honour of having as readers, over many blogs, know no matter which party I supported, I never wanted anything from them. Got talked into applying twice for G-I-C appointments but didn't want them.

You're also aware I wouldn't pull punches and continually spoke my mind -- frankly, never giving a damn what Harper, Trudeau, or anyone else, thought of my opinions. Not being God, or some enormously talented strategist, I also didn't care who or how many people chose not to read my views.

So here goes on the CPC leadership race: you know the April convention has been pushed back to deal with a somewhat unexpected leadership race. FULL DISCLOSURE: I pushed like hell to get rid of Scheer, Trudeau and Harper in opposite order.

Now, here's why its got to be Ambrose for the CPC. They better hold every seat and supporter they have in the West. Ambrose does that. They must maintain control of the party with the current membership. Ambrose guarantees that. They need a modernised-makeover with a reasonably 2020ish outlook on the world and Ambrose brings that. (Only CPC leader to march in a Pride Parade.) They have no choice but to broaden their voting base in Ontario, the Atlantic provinces and to a lesser extent Quebec, and Ambrose is uniquely qualified to accomplish that.

Remember, they have to do what Trudeau did and turn personal popularity into a winning majority brand. Only Ambrose is capable of pulling that off in the next election.

As a result, Ambrose has to put her personal non-ambitions, private-sector creature comforts and achievements aside, in favour of heeding her country's call. She must do what's best for Canada, more particularly, tackling incredibly serious Western alienation.

Most importantly, Ambrose is the only logical choice for cross-pollination, bringing in moderates who previously supported other parties. As a result, I think Ambrose feels the weight of history and national obligation and I expect her to get in within a month or so.

Other names are being bandied about: MacKay, Rempel Garner, O'Toole, Poilievre, Bergen, Deltell and Chong. All of them have paid their dues and earned spurs. I've got an opinion on each of them but suffice it to say that the preachy (like their outgoing party leader) need not apply cause that's a political death-wish in 2020 Canada. Sentient Conservatives know it. Just look what continuous virtue-signalling did for Trudeau and his party's brand...

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