Saturday, 8 February 2020

Trump Is On A Sacred Mission To Destroy Trump.

Too funny, watching Trump in action. This guy is not content with Democrats going after him, he's got to do all he possibly can to personally sink his own ship.

His firing of Sondland and Vinman is only the latest petty manifestation of a guy totally out of control. Trump rivals Nixon when it comes to being acutely in need of psychotherapy. Simply unreal.

And the great news is, he's got plenty of time between now and November to prove that he's become totally unfit for his office. Believe me, he's up to that task and is about to prove it in spades.

A clever politician, like Clinton, correctly recognized impeachment for what it was: a political rebuke and act worthy of both contrition and apology. Not Donald J. Trump. Again, a riot.

Trump prefers the raw, destructive energy of going full-on unplugged and out of control. So, be it. The guy actually thinks there are no limits on presidential power or conduct. Trump is all for carte blanche and that's his modus operandi going forward. Well, have at it, Mr. President, because the best is yet to come -- for Democrats.

Somewhere, God is smiling, looking on.


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