Saturday, 8 February 2020

When Yes Means No And No Means Yes...

A case in point: IMPEACHMENT.

If you're looking for a real good reason to loathe politicians this is it. It was absolutely disgusting watching almost all Republicans saying B today while ranting and raving A during the Clinton impeachment. Most Democrats were exactly the same.

What that really means folks is politicians of that order have positively no respect or regard for their constituents, and beyond. They believe that the public are either idiots, foolishly gullible or both. That's the real deal when it comes to politicians.

In this country, our politicians are no better. You won't see most of them looking in the mirror and justifying to themselves what they intend to do politically -- before they go out there and do it. And when they do it, they often know from the get-go that it's self-serving, wrong, unethical, unprincipled or worse.

The good news is that all of the above affects elections sometimes sooner, but more often later. However, a final reckoning does ultimately occur and it's basically inevitable.

We saw it in the last federal election, where both the Liberals and Conservatives paid a not insignificant price for their actions: Trudeau got checked and Scheer blocked.

Meanwhile, in the Republic below, the same is on the menu for Trump and Republicans and Democrats in Congress. How could it possibly be otherwise?

You don't see heroes emerge out of the mist too often amidst this chaos and double-dealing but when they rise to the occasion, with names like Wilson-Raybould, Philpott, Romney or Amash, they're more than worthy of our respect and even gushing admiration.

For the above, Yes actually means Yes and No has no other possible connotation than No. Don't hold your breath waiting for main-line politicians to go that way because they sure as Hell won't. That's the sad political reality when it comes to politicians.

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