Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Make No Mistake!

It's still the Trump Party. They may call it Republican but it long ago ceased to be that -- what with every supporters and his or her dog and cat still pledging fealty to the former President.

A case in point: Perdue's primary challenge against Kemp. Incumbency only gets you so far, and not necessarily over the threshold. 

I'm betting that Perdue takes it in a run. And then there's the matter of Cheney's challenger also endorsed by Trump. Wyoming is pretty much Cheney country so Hageman might need divine intervention in her run.

The other thing to watch is what's left of moderate Republicans in the House. They're making noises about splitting the party and decamping post-2022 but hey, I'll actually believe that one when I see it.

So...short of President Trump suddenly dropping dead or hitting the slammer, he's still got some pretty damned good odds.

Presidents Obama and Trump both lost plenty of seats in their respective mid-terms. Right now, President Biden could quite conceivably do even worse. It's all about legislative output and if Biden blows the BBBA, along with the John Lewis and the other Voting Rights bill, Biden is likely done for in 2024.

Love him or loathe him, Trump's solidly on track to get the last laugh come November. 

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