Thursday, 6 January 2022

O'Toole, Resign.


The Canadian Press:

OTTAWA — "Canadians unwilling to be vaccinated against COVID-19 should be accommodated through measures like rapid testing, Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole said Thursday as health experts warned the lightning-fast spread of the Omicron variant threatens to overwhelm hospitals."

O'Toole isn't right in the head if he thinks ANYONE should accommodate the unvaccinated unless they have a legitimate medical exemption, period.

Like all Canadians, I have an iron-clad right to stay alive and not have my health, well being and psychological equilibrium destroyed by transmission of COVID-19 from a quite deliberately unvaccinated person. NO ONE has a right to transmit COVID-19 to another person. The vaccinated and boosted actually care about others -- that's why they got vaccinated in the first place. Sadly, if they transmit COVID-19, it will be against their will and after having taken all the precautions humanly possible thus far known to medicine and science. 

The unvaccinated are classic narcissists who each only care about the health and well being of three people: ME, MYSELF & I. Never, ever, acceptable.

And any politician who plays to those reckless fools is a greater fool than all of them put together. 

" The Conservative leader said he refuses to criticize people who aren't vaccinated and believes "reasonable accommodations" should be provided to people like truck drivers to avoid service disruptions and exacerbating supply chain challenges."

OK, Erin so back your bullshit: get in the truck with an unvaccinated driver and stay with him in the cab for at least an entire week. You will certainly be accommodating him. You could even do some of the driving...provided you haven't dropped dead first from COVID-19 transmitted by your smiling partner in the driver's seat.

Talk about failed leadership. I truly feel sorry for the party, caucus, its members and supporters. What a poor excuse for leader. This is where I get off supporting this guy.

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