Thursday, 6 January 2022

From Over At Kinsella's To Dr. Douglas Kinsella.

Just left and it put me in a mood for further writing on divinity, so here's my two cents for whatever it's worth: it begins with the wise words of Douglas Kinsella, M.D. Kinsella told his three sons to love people. I would add, treat people the way you'd like to be treated.

Mine is a world where I embrace a supreme being known to me as God. He, she or it reflects humanity's best possibilities, options and ultimate outcomes.

My God is a loving and teaching God, never a cruel or vengeful one. My God loves all of us, despite ourselves.

My God provides the individual white board but doesn't keep score. In fact, from Day One to the day we breathe our last, we dutifully provide the Os and Xs -- we, and no one else, make our post-Earth bed. For those of us who have not a shred of doubt about a heaven and a hell, we, individually, put ourselves there as God either rejoices or weeps for us.

In the end, action or inaction inevitably has consequences both on this planet but most especially in the after-life. If only we thought more of that with each passing day.

So...that's my view of divinity, right or wrong. Make your own luck in the here and now and strive to put your best foot forward. That can only make this world a better place and each of us a far better person. Enrich humanity and watch it thrive and grow beyond worldly measure.

The best is yet to come for future generations with each one leaving Earth a far better place than the way they found it. And Thank God for that.

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