Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Quebec Anti-Vax Tax: Risky.

Well, you've got to give Legault A+ for political balls because this thing is double-edged risky. It could quite literally get the CAQ re-elected in the biggest political landslide in Quebec history, or if not handled right, do the reverse.

First off, it's legal and entirely within provincial jurisdiction. But will the tax be equitable and will it be on an income sliding scale? Sure, unvaccinated people come at roughly the same cost to the health sector but what happens if or when someone can't pay via the tax return?

In addition, what role will the Charters pay? We have two of them. So, it's potentially somewhat akin to cutting off your nose despite your face.

But it's 100% gutsy and breaks the 100% safe mould that is the standard boilerplate of most governments. Some will argue that the same thing could be done by imposing vaccine passports across the board, you know, where you can't leave your home without being at least partially vaccinated. They have a point. But then again, nothing better concentrates the mind than being hit in the wallet. So, the principle is sound but is probably being implemented at the wrong end of the horse -- why not simply levy the tax after the fact, on those who are unvaccinated and have already gone through the health system? But then again, that doesn't do one iota to steady or even reduce the inflow of patients into hospitals...

So, maybe just maybe, Legault has finally run out of options and that's why this is a go and probably should and must be a go.

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